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for The Lion Cub (HP SI)

1/12 c84 shirousagi87
For a moment i though dumbledor has a trap for harry in fesd he become a dark lord, but it was a time turner, how far in the past he went? I though it was probably hogwartz legacy time but if there is not hogsmead then he is way back in time...
1/12 c84 LeightonWD
Brilliant work love this chapter and idea.
1/12 c83 2Dant3
While I don't know what you have planned, the time turner portkey combo and the absence of Hogsmeade creates the impression that there's some big scale time travel shenanigans going on. This would be a mistake, in my opinion. For comparison, it's a bit like watching a cool medical drama, liking the whole thing, and being interested in seeing how it wraps up, only for the main character to get transported to a stereotypical town from a Western movie that has an alien ship trying to land in the middle of it, all while the movie is 85% done already by that point. It's akin to throwing obstacles in the main character's path for the sole purpose of throwing obstacles and artificially extending the story. It's too jarring, in my opinion. Still, it's your story, you can do what 'ye want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, that you should do what 'ye need :D Sorry, had to add that last part, the song started playing in my head out of nowhere, a bit like this time travel thing you got going on in the story :P
1/8 c83 MargaritaS
wow, such intrigue, I am very interested to see what you have planned next :)
1/6 c83 2Dscot
Great chapter love the fight. I love the way you also treated Dumbledore. That old fossil needs to stay out of the way.
1/6 c83 Guest
This chapter started well but then it shit the bed hard with Harry suddenly being shit at planning. You made Harry so strong and then messed it up for plot reasons. You do such a good job writing this story except for these Harry and Voldemort battles (like in the graveyard), and I suspect it’s because you want to follow the main canon plot for some reason despite straying from it nicely. Just make this story your own and let Harry finish of Voldy early.
1/6 c83 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, hope to see an update soon
1/5 c83 DeluxeHipster1945
Lets gooooooooooooo
1/5 c83 rahad
The author is planning to write all 7 books. So don't expect Voldy to die in book 6. Voldy pretty much have plot armor until the end of book 7.
1/5 c83 yoto
bon chapitre
1/5 c83 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
1/5 c83 Foster-the-Wizards
I mean, harry couldve killed him right here. Easily. What the heck?
1/5 c83 strange
It does not make sense that all that happened, and he just let him go. If he had time to say that before he apparated away while he was beaten and had one arm then Harry could have finished it then. The story should have concluded with that.
1/5 c83 3marius1117
great chapter
12/30/2023 c54 Guest
So while I enjoy your story it doesn't read as am SI, it reads as Harry becoming independent and a simplord.

Because he asked dumb questions and not the correct ones that an SI would ask. He asked like Harry Potter would.

I think this story would've been better if it wasn't am SI but just a Harry who was tired and done with the manipulation like you mentioned a few chapters ago.
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