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for Harriet Potter: The Demon Empress

1/20 c28 3coronadomontes
buen fanfic-good fanfic
12/31/2022 c21 Dicordum
*sigh* unfortunately this is where I head out, this was a REALLY good story, but the memories shtick really pisses me off, and i unfortunately can’t get past it, if you ever feel like telling me what chapter Harriet’s so called memories come back then feel free to tell me and I’ll skip to it, otherwise this is good enough for me, I’ll stick with the happy memories I made of the story rather than forcing myself to read it and gradually growing to hate it
12/31/2022 c18 Dicordum
Yea this has been bugging me immensely, when the shit were her memories taken? It makes no sense, the new world shouldn’t have happened, and if it did then what’s with the bullshit of stealing her memories? I hate that crap, and it’s really frustrating me because there’s no explanation
12/30/2022 c2 ShineX
You know with her parents alive they'd likely have another child at some point. Either way you have my interest.
12/30/2022 c28 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
12/29/2022 c28 SolSparda369
Welp,that’s one way to use your own time. Find hidden portraits some where In the magical world.
Yea... scavenger hunt with Harriet.
12/29/2022 c28 4RedOuroboros
another good chapter thanks!
12/29/2022 c28 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Merry Christmas.
12/29/2022 c28 4Alucard
This chapter was so funny. Can’t wait for more
12/29/2022 c28 14XenoBlaze
...That wasn't the real Lockhart, was it?
12/29/2022 c28 9OniTenshi500
I feel like Lockhart is actually just Pandora's Actor in disguise trying to get rid of Lucius in a sneaky way that makes his reputation even worse.
12/29/2022 c28 1Thorfaxdragonkin
Pandora's actor is a sly little shit
12/29/2022 c28 Zerosdfr
Happy New Year everyone
12/29/2022 c28 Thristan
Granted, everyone was wanting lucy to be taken down but considering lockhart, they should have seen if lucy was being played as a puppet.

Yeah, considering poor Harriet's background it really isn't all that surprising that she can't really just follow her heart and soul. If she could, what Parseltongue is in this story would be easier for her

Waiting for more
12/29/2022 c28 3RonaldM40196867
Surprises make Harry worry.
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