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for Harriet Potter: The Demon Empress

10/21 c12 7Paxloria
Errors aside, good chapter.
...Though it mostly seems to be kids being kids.

When will Harriet start looking for Nazarick?
10/20 c12 Jhonnatan Guaman
A spectacular history You don't forget the characters ando sorry bit i dont speak English and i studyng for learn more , i hope what You continue the history and never leave go, pf course when You finish the history all wey be fine with that.
10/20 c12 4EricFreak
Good chapter. Always cool to see an update, even if the story is at a slow point. But you need those to make the high points more exciting. A few typos, but reads just fine.
10/20 c12 Uday Sra
10/19 c12 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
10/19 c12 Mr.Big
Dude I'm lovin this story.
I've been wondering the same thing as XenoBlaze. Those two girls are just too much the same as the NPCs. Maybe nazarick arrived and they found her and for some reason decided to take on disguises and infiltrate her life instead of just comming out to her openly? Maybe they think she has no memory of Yggdrasil? Are the 'parents' of those 'children' actually fellow denizens of nazarick in disguise?

How will she upgrade her wand and Hedwig? Will we see more of her private praticing and see her progress in combining tier magic and earth magic? How wil Aura react to her pet Hedwig or Phoenix fawks?

Will she sence Riddle's soul in the diary. Wil Riddle be more cautious with the diary this time now that he knows she can sence him? Will poor Geny Weasly be the sacrifice for voldemort's return via the diary?

Love your work. Please update this soon. It's too good
10/19 c12 CalmWinds
some grammar mistakes but I do enjoy the story, thanks for writing
10/19 c12 Bagrat
This was adorable!
10/19 c12 10XenoBlaze
Thanks for the update.
I gotta ask though. I had my suspicions about this before, but were the NPC's from Nazarick reincarnated into Harry Potter characters?
I ask because Daphne seems to act like Albedo at times. And the dynamic she has with Tonks reminds me of Shalltear.
10/19 c12 kage88
10/19 c12 3RonaldM40196867
Escape? That’s not good.

The lake sounds fun.
10/19 c12 1Aterro
I loved this chapter but when will Harriet run into Nazarick ?! I can't wait !
10/19 c11 Guest
This chapter amazing dude
10/16 c11 Mr.Big
I think you let her reveal herself too soon. She should have teleported away or something when she heard them coming. Hogwarts defences prevent apparition and port keys, it could be a lot of fun having it not be able to block her Tiered magic; now that she has a wand she could probably use the fifth tier spell Teleportation.
Now everyone will know she is powerful enough to go against Voldemort. Not to mention she just tortured and killed/murdered a teacher; that is going to cause a LOT of issues and ruin her freedom of movement.
It was more fun having her build up her power in secret and seeing Dumbledore and the others keep guessing and scratching their heads trying to figure out what is going on. It’s more fun to have an overpowered character that the rest of the cast don't know is overpowered. Dumbledore shouldn't know what he is dealing with yet. Having an overpowered and over intelligent teenager in a magic school full of kids could be a lot of fun; you could make her and her friends have all kinds of adventures and mischief. Especially if a certain pair of red head twins get involved.
And if she found Nazarick and kept them working in the shadows she could accomplish even more. Now they know she has that power and will keep a closer eye on her and it will be harder for her move in secret. And she will not be able to secretly search for and hide the tomb and its armies.

Watching Voldemort losing his mind over paranoia and jealousy after this encounter would be just delicious.
But as for the rest I SERIOUSLY think you should rewrite that last part. It was a lot more fun seeing them clueless. Their entertainment value just dropped now that they know they can’t manipulate her.
10/4 c11 Makaila Horinek
This story is great so far keep up the amazing work!
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