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for Harriet Potter: The Demon Empress

7h c35 4Alucard
Its been a while since i seen a fanfic update. Nice to see you back
2/29 c35 1OtroRandomDeInternet
For the Overlord x Harry Potter What if, how about something crazy? Like a story of Harriet potter but... With 2 Galadriels, one is still Harriet but the other one is Lord Voldemort or i would say Lady, one Galadriel that have the life of Tom and her demonic side leak out and started the war
I dont know if it is a good idea, but i want to see the members of Nazarick in a challenge, and the only one that can give them that is Galadriel herself
2/29 c35 Irina Akashira
Good luck with your fanfic
2/28 c35 4Dark Lord Moridin
"I have always been here" - Luna. Sure Luna, turn into Kosh why dont you.

Fun fic so far despite some minor word choice problems. (carriage not wagon for example).
2/28 c35 1FailedKeikaku
All aboard the train to derpland with a few stops at canon along the route. I can see where this is going and yes i am being derpy and argumentative because i dont like the angst train they are all on.
2/28 c35 1Diamantes1
i love this story
2/28 c35 6Black Magic99
G as fem V.
it would be a long haul but G tries to change magic Britain and D tries to stop her. Misguided not evil D, but D thinks G is evil.
idk if you bring the others into it but maybe one for each faction, light gray dark, or muggle pure and half, with G just being something else entirely
2/28 c35 8UndeadLord22
Never gonna go away init?
2/28 c35 marlastiano
thanks :)
2/28 c35 3RonaldM40196867
We all fear something.

Thanks, Fleur.
12/25/2023 c34 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
12/14/2023 c5 Brawlingbard
is your sorting hat just calling names at random? you realize the hat calls the names in alphabetical order right? you write well you translate mediocre . Get a native speaker to beta for you.
12/11/2023 c1 Guest
Like Mike Blade said from what I understand about that Mark was probably a rune for the ritual that Voldemort was going to use it probably activated when he killed Lily as the one needed sacrifice so when he casted The Killing curse at Harry right after it conflicted his desire and destroyed his body to try and take over the new one but thanks to the prophecy he couldn't take over the body
12/10/2023 c6 Brawlingbard
I am enjoying your work, quite a lot. However you really really need to hook up with a beta writer to better translate your work. Some of your phrasing and word choices are just so out there, that they throw me out of the story. I'm not saying your writing is bad, I'm saying you need a native speaker to filter your work to smooth out the rough edges. Best of luck, and keep going!
12/10/2023 c8 Mikeblade
no the killing curse did not leave a scar why does every one think that a spell that leaves no markk on the body and kills instantly would leave a scar on only one person sense the damn spell was invented.
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