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for Helena Stark

5/20 c15 Guest 2.0
Wow! They really done messed up! Leave it to a bunch of greedy men. I'm really rooting for her and Bucky. I like Steve well enough but he's a bit black and white and only tragedy lays down that road. I was super confused about who was in her house but my best guess is someone wearing her face like Natasha did when they brought Pierce down. Waiting to see if he'll raise the alarm and find out that it's an IMPOSTER!

I cannot wait to see where you take her next! Until next time!
4/23 c14 SomebodyWhoCares
Oh nooooo
4/12 c13 Guest 2.0
Oh my gosh! I'm so thrown now! I mean I like her with Steve but also maybe eventually Bucky instead but would the boys really be okay with one dating someone the other was once serious about... I'm all mixed up! But I love the insinuation that she'll LIVE! Sam and Steve are going to be so pissed when they find out she's been lying to them.

I love this so much and you have nothing to be anxious about (and I know personally that having nothing to be anxious about doesn't mean you won't be lol)! You are a fantastic writer and I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Stay safe and healthy!
4/5 c12 Guest 2.0
Uh oh! Pierce taking her blood cannot be a good sign...or implanting her with something... I guess we'll see!

It's not looking so good for her at the moment. Really starting to worry. Putting my trust in you! Until next time!
3/30 c11 Guest 2.0
Whooo! I bet Duet doesn't take that news well! She might not get the chance to tell Steve before concerned overbearing relatives Intervene. Still hoping you'll save her.

Until next time!
3/29 c11 gamergirl28
Loved the rework. The story has more meat to it now.
3/26 c10 gamergirl28
Are you just continuing to re upload the same chapters?
3/23 c10 Guest 2.0
This has already been a wild ride! I cannot wait to see more! Really enjoying it and hoping it doesn't end in complete tragedy lol

Until next time!
3/20 c7 1Vyxen Hexgrim
Very fascinating,but also very short. Can't wait to see how this plays out.
3/10 c7 Shola2001
Love it
3/8 c6 gamergirl28
I like the story. I just wish there was more meat to it.

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