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for Seven Drops and Asphodel Blooms

9/14 c22 Guest
Love this story and the House Elf arc. Looking forward to seeing where it will go next
9/10 c22 1liz.onia
Great update! Super want to know what happens next with Kreacher!
9/1 c13 Fan girl 39
He was not lying! How dare you! How dare you ruin this for me! And to think I used to like you!
9/1 c22 Beancdn
I love this story so much! The progression of their relationship is so realistic and not too abrupt or OOC. And the character growth is wonderful. Looking forward to following along!
8/31 c22 patrickmgrimm
You've spun such a wonderful tale!
Keep Going! Keep Crafting your Wonderful World in the Vast ocean that is the Multiverse
May the Muses sing to you their song and help write the story you have drawn.
8/31 c22 25W. L. O'Fallon
Love this
8/31 c6 Fan girl 39
Nice author’s note! I love these!
8/30 c22 1TheReader81
So glad Harry's NOT in the Tournament. Love this story, especially the End Notes. Hilarious!
8/30 c22 mike3308
Harry's attempt at Occlumency went about as good as expected.

I'm glad that they were able to destroy the locket horcrux.
8/29 c1 florBanshee
Am I the only one to catch that Dumbledore is bleeding after using a sword imbedded with deadly sake venom, especially after he gave his theroy why only that sword worked to destroy the horcrux.
8/29 c22 Guest
I’m all for Snape allowing Harry to try learning new things and not dismissing him outright.
8/28 c22 Bakeku67
I love this story, but I especially love the little blurbs at the end of each chapter!
They sum up quite beautifully.
8/28 c22 3Julia Spellwood
I love the chapter. I was moved by Harry's initiative in returning the locket to Kreacher. I'm looking forward to the next chapter ️
8/28 c22 609Ghostwriter
Aww Snape is trying. I love it. Well done.
8/8 c21 AditiTC
What? A very well-written Snape-mentors-Harry fic where Sirius is not shown as a narcissistic git incapable of growing up? And that doesn't paint Snape as a saint, but actually does justice to his canon character? And where other adults knock some sense into Snape's and Sirius' heads when they both start acting like children? And where Snape and Sirius actually have a credible conversation to start getting over their mutual hatred? And where Snape understands and respects Harry's need for information and is therefore upfront with him about everything (instead of everything going berserk because Snape didn't dare tell Harry about his past before their relationship got too close)? And where the relationship developments are realistic? *And* that does justice to Dumbledore's character as well, showing him neither as a saint nor as evil incarnate?

I had heard tales of such fics existing, but I had always dismissed them as myth...

PS I like your decision to keep Harry out of the tournament, there is enough going on in your story (occlumency a year early and horcruxes two years early, yay!) that I think it would just be unnecessary drama!
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