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for Boulevard of Broken Dreams

7/15 c24 trscrny
Wow this was such a good story. I only wish you had been more clear re Callen's future plans. You could always write a sequel! Hint Hint!1 LOL! Even though the show itself is over it doesn't mean terrific writers like you have to call it quits, does it? No prssure. Just know I havr ernjoyed reading your stories and I thank you for sharing them with us. And I plan to reread my favorite authors like you. I am so sad the show has ended. When I think of some of the tripe that seems to stay on and the PTB decide to end such a good show, it boggles my mind. Thanks again for your willingness to share your talents with us. I wish you the best!
7/4 c24 1flawsome4ever
this was so beautiful. I love how you write Callen.
the dialogues were really beautifully written.
every chapter was awesome.
thnx for writing it.
4/28 c24 CH
I'm sad I will miss your great Callen stories a lot. thanks for writing and sharing
4/25 c24 Chrispi
thanks for the many great stories. Not even the writers of the series have been able to convey these emotions, feelings and characteristics of the characters as they are in the last three seasons. Maybe you'll keep G Callen with us longer and give us more time with him. Please
2/5 c23 CH
Sam. best partner of the world Callen is to stubborn to recover properly. love the way Anna can handle him
1/31 c23 seagee7
I’m so happy that you have returned to this story. I hope that you will continue to work on new projects..I enjoy your writing style, and how much you put into the characters and their relationships with the others.
1/31 c23 1altarp2408
Well done, with a nice closing with Anna and Sam.

One thing few think about is the fact that Michelle was CIA and probably had Callen's respect as an agent as well as Sam's wife and trusted her much as he trusted Sam. He would not trust anyone that did not have the skills he felt was necessary to stay safe in case of emergency.
9/18/2022 c22 Guest
Have enjoy this story...well constructed, and moves along nicely...looking forward to how this plays out. Who is behind this and what is on the list or pendrive that has some one worried?
8/28/2022 c22 wotumba1
Maybe not the smartest decision to go home but totally understandable
7/10/2022 c21 Swedecoder
Really enjoying your story! Just reread the whole thing to refresh my memory. I'm sure there are a lot who are reading and not commenting- me being one of them. So thought I would (finally) show my appreciation and encourage you to please continue!
7/10/2022 c21 17ItsNotMyBirthday
That man has to learn to take care of himself properly! I'm glad that Anna was there with him. I'm sure she'll find a way to get him to stay put! The entire interlude between them was really nice, and full of feelings. More, please?
7/10/2022 c21 wotumba1
Glad for the Update
7/10/2022 c21 trscrny
Ok, I want more. Loved this interlude between Anna and Callen. Used to dislike those 2 together but have grown to be fond of it. Loved the scene on the show with him proposing. Anyway, I loved this chapter, loved that you are not forgetting this story and hope you and your Muse will continue very soon! Thank you for sharing!
3/10/2022 c20 Bkworm4life4
Finally getting caught up on some of my reading. Still enjoying the story! Keep up the good work. :)
3/7/2022 c20 Linda Wigington
It took awhile to read the chapters that I missed and to catch up on the story. I still like it very much and I have this constant feeling of suspense. It is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. There are several stories all going on at the same time and it helps to already be aware of all their relationships with each other. Callen is Callen and always will be. I m so glad he has Sam as a friend and partner. What will happen next! Looking forward to the resolution of all their stories.
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