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for Boulevard of Broken Dreams

10/3 c16 CallenFan
Wie immer groß ist mit Anna und Callen?
10/2 c16 wotumba1
That is just so...Callen

What is going on with Anna and him?
10/2 c16 Guest
Wonderful as always.. And I didn't catch any mistakes.. But english is not my mother language either ;)
9/25 c15 Linda Wigington
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Had to reread some chapters. I really like the story. Again poor Callen has been hurt and there is now time for Sam to think about their future. The loose ends of this case need to be tied up and Callen must decide how long he can live his life this way. After all he has Anna now. Difficult decisions will be made. Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/13 c15 trscrny
Very good and well written. I loved listening in on the conversations Sam had with, well, everyone. Like the compliments Nell had for Callen and could feel her uncertainty about the OM job. Not much Callen but a lot about Callen so that's good! Looking forward to more, as always! Take care,
9/12 c15 wotumba1
At least Ellie can talk to Sam now...
Hope that Callen will be ok
8/29 c14 CH
And Callen again injuredhe needs some happiness with Anna in the next chapters please liked the team working together. Great writing as always
8/27 c14 trscrny
First of all, you know I love your writing and I've been following this story. But I am a bit confused by some of this chapter. But I'm still loving the story. And I so agree with you about the show returning to the action instead of the soap opera approach they used . I am not interested in Deeks and Kensi as a couple and their problems with having a baby. In the meantime, the writers entirely avoided addressing Callen's plan to propose to Anna. Again, I don't like that storyline but they started it so why did they just drop it so we could watch Marty giving Kensi a shot? That whole scene was ridiculous. He's a grown man. And I can't stand the way Admiral Kilbride treated Callen. Esp. when earlier in the series he told Callen when Callen was working out in the gym that he thought it was a great team and he liked the fact that they got results.
Back to your story, I do like it and plan to reread it in its entirety and perhaps some of my confusions will be erased! I'm glad you took some time for yourself. That's important, esp. among the current events going on around us! Thank you for continuing the story!
Take care,
8/27 c14 wotumba1
Oh Callen...
8/9 c13 Linda Wigington
A great chapter! Lots of suspense and confusion and Callen hurt again. Watching Callen and Sam and how the relationship is changing and what is going on with Poliakoff? Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/8 c13 CH
No...! Not again Callen. Hasn t he suffered enough?
8/8 c2 11countrygirluk56
It just gets better. And what a twist. Who is this Jane Doe?
8/8 c1 countrygirluk56
Hi, welcome back and with a fantastic new story. Not sure how I missed the notification for this but I'm here now and HOOKED! Great writing. I especially loved the opening few lines, setting the scene but keeping the reader in the dark as to whom we were 'watching'. Well done.
8/6 c13 wotumba1
Oh no! Callen!

You can't just stop here!
7/20 c12 Linda Wigington
Sorry I missed several chapters but I didn’t know that they were up. This is a really good story. All of the team are involved and with those who aren’t their regular partners. It is interesting to see Callen especially try to piece the story together. Who is a friend and who is a foe? What is the plan? Who is involved? How to keep them all safe? Looking forward to the next chapter!
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