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for Taking Bullets

3/28 c1 ShawnSpenceStarr
“You take a bullet for me. I take one for you.” Ahhhhh! I love a good bromance!
3/7 c1 21PrePsychPineappleLover
Omg, this was great! I loved every word! The fact that Gus notices when he switches to Serious Shawn during a case. I always love those moments in the show. And their talk at the end was so sweet!
3/7 c1 44smuffly
Henry's Speech Face - Haha, that made me laugh, as did the tiny smile on Shawn's lips at the end.

This was a clever piece about the abiding friendship between Shawn and Gus, and the last part was the best. I love the way Shawn explained his 'promise', and I can totally believe that. (By the way - severely maimed serious? Funny! And very Shawn.) Even though Gus (and everyone else) doubted Shawn for a moment, it was very clear what had actually happened, knowing him as we do, and I enjoyed waiting for the moment when Gus found out too. I also loved Gus' observation of the change that comes over Shawn when he is focussing.

To sum up - this story was fantastic!
3/6 c1 Guest
ahhhhh i love this

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