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for Izuku the Stolen Ant

1/31 c14 SonicMax
Geez. At this rate we'll never get to cannon lol
1/23 c14 1kingpanther036
Lol Love this chapter keep it up
1/23 c14 Harleking31
Nice school lore

Even nicer nun war setup
1/22 c14 Karlos1234ify
1/22 c14 Guest
So I'm guessing from this and chapter nine that Inko's early month in the Trash Pit were her working as a sister before Mr. Ramen took pity on her for some reason and offered her a job, since her reaction to the dead body in chapter nine was not the reaction of someone who was familiar with the Trash Pit rules.
1/21 c14 Guest
I am happy for an update, and is you are looking for a star wars name for the idea of a district going from one name to gomibako to a rebranding you might want to go to forums like spacebattles or the reddit thread for mha fanfiction for suggestions as I have racked my brains for names I know from star wars, even the legends continuity and I cannot come up with anything suitable at the moment
1/21 c14 ER-47
It been a long time since you update nice to see you again
1/21 c14 Shin
Well...something tells me Endeavor's about to get the crap smacked out of his ego soon by the church..and the phone that someone's Quirk allowing that to happen? It reminds me of the disposable burner folding phones from the movie Ultraviolet...just buy a cheap freaking folding cardboard cellphone from a kiosk...only time I've ever seen that. Didn't see Inko as being a former nun but it does make sense given how her and Izuku came to the Trash Pit, she'd want some protection for both her and Izuku at the time. The thing with the Mother expecting much from Inko...that's kinda ominous and I hope nothing bad happens to Inko in the future because of the church. Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/21 c14 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent work
10/19/2022 c11 GoodOldInstinct
10/18/2022 c13 Guest
will me get the shrinking car chase scene from ant man and the wasp at some point
8/13/2022 c1 Portgast D. AsXce
Too many oc and too ooc izuku
8/12/2022 c7 2Shigeraki
I like the interactions between characters
5/24/2022 c9 Guest
before naming the trash pit the gomibako district did you try to find a name from star wars first as to continue with the name reference the manga does? or do you plan to have the citizens living there change the name later when the place is not as bad as before in order to rebrand the area (sort of like how in arrow star city was originally called starling city before it was rebranded in order to revitalize the area)?
5/19/2022 c13 SonicMax
Hrmm will a magic nose really catch izuku? Seems convenient but I will hold out for judgement.
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