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for Izuku the Stolen Ant

5/19/2022 c13 SonicMax
Hrmm will a magic nose really catch izuku? Seems convenient but I will hold out for judgement.
5/3/2022 c13 Guest
so we have a possible villain/ally when melissa shows up, and for ant-man/marvel characters counterparts that have appeared we've had scarlet beetle, taskmaster, timebomb as gambit's counterpart, not sure if rad volt would be a counterpart to radioactive man, and possibly others who I've missed, so who else will show up or has shown up that have marvel counterparts?
Also wouldn't stain show up in the trash pit trying to eliminate as many of the villains who not caught yet that were masquerading as heroes? I mean it does not really fit with his philosophy but even so I feel even he would be insulted that villains took advantage of the hero system and became legal heroes before being outed. Plus it would be interesting to see how he views ant-man.
4/30/2022 c13 Harleking31
"Why didn't we check up on the school before?"

"Would you want to set foot in a school again unless it were absolutely necessary?"
4/30/2022 c13 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you nice work
4/30/2022 c13 HonestOutlaw
I'd like to see a rogue cia black ops agent team up with ant man to get revenge on lady aka. His story one of her foreign interests got his team and his support crew killed. Oh and he's quirkless as well as a tier 1 operator. Like everything about him is classified, removed from public, military, medical records, and the only record there is of him is a typewriter written document just covered in black ink. If not it won't bother me none just a little bit of a wild card to add in.
4/30/2022 c13 Guest
so are we eventually going to see other counterparts of marvel heroes who will become izuku's allies?
4/8/2022 c12 Kenra
Please update it as soon as possible. I love it and its fun to read. Please Continue.
3/24/2022 c12 Karlos1234ify
Outstanding. Today’s my birthday
3/24/2022 c12 Guest
so mei is trying to become iron man
3/24/2022 c12 NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
2/26/2022 c11 Guest
Instead of just writing cookie, I’m going to make one!

its choccy chip!
2/24/2022 c11 2Kilo8
Firstly, great chapter as always Lorenzo, your skill never ceases to amaze me. Anyways, I know you're plight with finding time to work on a story and accessibility, so I may have a suggestion for that.

Try using Google Docs, sure you have to copy your work from the doc to FFN but it has multiple advantages. First, so long as you're Gmail is connected to your phone, or any other device you use you can pull the file up anywhere! At home, at work, in the waiting room for a doctor, it great! Plus the Doc auto saves everything unlike FFN's word program, and you can set the file to be saved on your device so you can pull it up if internet is down. It will just update the file when you reconnect. And you can share the file with other accounts so say you have one Gmail for work and one for business you can give permission to share it so you can work on it at work with out connecting your personal account to your work computer.

Anyways I hope that helps you and can't wait for the next chapter!

Signed, a crazy Borderlands fanfic writer, Kilo8.

PS. I got a few interesting BNHA story crossover ideas that are just collecting dust if you ever want to take a shot at something new. I just don't have the time to work on them considering how big my own fic is. PM me if your interested.
2/24/2022 c11 Shin
Cookie. I tend to read author's notes in case they have an announcement about taking a break, a hidden plot point they let slip, or need to point something out that may go over some readers heads cause they aren't familiar with something in the chapter..other languages or slang..stuff like that. As for the fic, Izuku is certainly in a bit of a I appreciate the Gambit reference in the fic as out of the X-Men Gambit is one of my favorites..his animated version from the 90's cartoon just had a flair that made him stand out. It's just one of those things..if you grew up in the 90's as a kid you probably saw X-Men and Spider-Man on Fox...ya know..long before Disney bought up all the Marvel rights.
2/24/2022 c11 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job and izuku teaming up with hawks and now America is on his ass
2/23/2022 c11 Karlos1234ify
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