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for Izuku the Stolen Ant

12/5/2021 c9 Harleking31
Throwing shade on Afo? Really?

After the last manga arc?

You do realize that he basically ruled Japan and that’s why Toshinori went to America for his training arc right?
12/4/2021 c9 Shin
Yeah..I saw that this point Endeavor's ego is still big and he's not looking at the big picture. I wouldn't be surprised if All Might tried to mitigate this by using his position as number 1 to retract Endeavor's move while trying to get on Ant-Man/Izuku's good side to try and talk to him, though I have no idea if you'll go that route and have it fail, succeed, or not do it at all but still have All Might and Nighteye chew him out for his short sighted move. Also..Katsuki got a nasty little wake up call that I think is gonna shape him a bit going forward..not much right now mind you, dude is still an arrogant little shit heel (can you tell I REALLY don't like him, even with everything that's gone on in canon?), but having the 'crybaby' go from his last memory of him being that, to smashing him in the face with a coffee mug and threaten to cut off his ear for insulting and threatening his mother..yeah that's gonna shift the world view a tad, especially after learning where he now lives..poor Mitsuki is likely having a heart attack at the revelations of what Inko has had to live through.
12/4/2021 c9 ER-47
Great chapter as always hope to see more soon
12/4/2021 c9 2The-Gamer-6818
I just want to make sure that you know you are unable to shrink living people without an ant man suit. You know, because the fact that they would suffocate. The suit literally has a massif mask/filter. Similar reason why he can't go too big.
10/23/2021 c8 SonicMax
If you give bakugo OFA I'm dropping this fic lol
10/23/2021 c8 Dragonlord001
So Pym particles can have positive as well as negative effects on quirks.
10/23/2021 c8 ER-47
Great chapter hope to see the next one
10/23/2021 c8 Harleking31
*Hehe boy~*

Angry Bakugo time
10/23/2021 c7 2Kilo8
Wow, did not expect the pin particles to do that. Imagine if AFO was hit by a disk, he'd probably blow up like a nuke. Actually what effect would the particles have on a mutant type quirk?

Anyways good chapter, can't wait till the next one!
10/21/2021 c7 ER-47
Hope you update soon this is a great story of an ant man Izuku AU fanfic I ever seen.
9/25/2021 c7 Shin
And THAT'S why no one could replicate the tests Izuku was talking about..they all had Quirks to begin with and Pym Particles have adverse effects on Quirks either causing them to not work or causing them to short out in some way as seen with Rad Volt. Izuku however is QuirkLESS, meaning he can use the Pym Particles without any negative effects since he has no Quirk to interfere with. At least that's what I'm running with based on what I've seen so far, this also would mean Izuku and getting One For All wouldn't work so well this time as right now Izuku is still absorbing the Pym Particles into himself when he uses the suit and disks, meaning he's artificially giving himself a Quirk over time like what happened in the classic comics, it'll keep going until he naturally has the ability to grow and shrink without the suit if I'm guessing the path this will take right. But next chapter? It's gonna be Night Eye going over how Ant-Man can help them out in their goal to clean up the Trash Pit, Izuku in canon was able to change Night Eye's visions as well so that's just something he does naturally by dent of extra Pym Particle powerup needed.
9/22/2021 c7 Dragonlord001
If the Pym particles mess up peoples quirks and cause them to experience a melt down when it shrinks them, I cannot wait to see what happens if they were used on All For One or even Gigantomachia.
9/21/2021 c7 Harleking31
Ah, so that's why he's going to be hunted by Heroes... Both because he absolutely wrecked Rad Man and because Nighteye wants him around
9/21/2021 c7 10Sliksick
Huh... well, I guess your hints regarding Pym Particles were pretty obvious as to WHO can be affected by them and WHY they can affect Night Eye.
9/16/2021 c6 Shin
Oof..things are REALLY bad if even top heroes like Best Jeanist realize it's best to leave Izuku alone so that they can take care of the whole area first instead of focusing on a lone vigilante. When the whole place will defend the vigilante because he's the only good 'Hero' they have. Mt. Lady better be glad she is from out of town cause I think she's gonna realize REAL quick that if she had been stationed in the area she'd probably have gone the way of the other corrupt heroes or been made to do 'services' to keep her license and her relative freedom. Her attitude in canon didn't really change until after the whole thing with the Paranormal Liberation Army went down and a lot of heroes, including Midnight died..sure they sniped at each other but that had to hit her hard given the panel we saw of her looking so serious considering how she was shown in every other showing before that. I think this clean up job to fix the Trash Pit is gonna make her grow up a LOT as a hero. She's also the only one who could match Ant-Man in height once he figures out growing giant is a least until later when he's able to grow to like..double her size..seriously, again as I said before..Ant-Man's size powers are busted when you find out his max size both large and small...
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