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for Izuku the Stolen Ant

3/10/2021 c1 Zer0-Writer
Pls write building/creating montage where Izuku implements EMP Communication Device
3/7/2021 c1 AnimeFan13579
Fun idea and would bet Mei would wish to help with possible other toys if don't want to add in other characters. Idea behind non quirk Izuku is always nice when consider a lot of quirk users are rather pathetic physically if their quirk is neutralized. Basically Eraserheads whole advantage against most quirks. What will be really fun is having an ant army. Would be really amusing have his room filled with any farms of different types. I could just imagine the fear he'd give present mic with swarming him with ants or possibly scaring Koda. Tokoyami would likely approve of him having an "army of darkness" that would devour "bite" his enemies. Then there's Izuku potentially panicking at Tsuyu's quirk worried she'll eat his little helpers.
3/7/2021 c1 HLBRS-H
This criminal Izuku is really not very smart to show the girl that he had a "cousin" to do this kind of dirty "work", if he is not betrayed by the girl in the future I will be very shocked, in my opinion the pairing It could be anyone but Ochako to be honest.
3/7/2021 c1 1SpectacularSpidey
great start, could use some grammar fixing but other than that it flows pretty nice. good job
3/7/2021 c1 SpectacularSpidey
please don't actually do the thanos butt idea. it wouldn't even work on a human and changing the size would kill izuku. theres a lot of math involved that I cant explain well rn but please don't
3/7/2021 c1 Karlos1234ify
This has my attention
3/6/2021 c1 Guest
Hoping for the thanos butt thing. Anyways good story, i love it :))))
3/6/2021 c1 Shin
Okay...let us see where this goes...Ant Man has some pretty powerful potential and he started out as a normal human until his body was exposed to Pym Particles so long he could eventually generate them himself without the suit iirc..Fact Fiend with Karl Smallwood did a video on Ant Man not too long ago and the size he can grow to or shrink to once you get into his most powerful quite frankly ridiculous..also this version of Izuku who is using a suit would still be a good candidate for One for All even with the new info that just got dumped on us in canon BNHA about that particular Quirk if you wanted to pass it on to him. I've seen a few Iron-Man and Spider-Man Izuku fics..even one Captain America one..but Ant Man..well that's a new one and has some good potential if you do it right, so I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this fic to see if you go for the more busted abilities he has in the comics as he got pretty nerfed int he MCU.
3/6/2021 c1 37tiguylerobot
may i made a suggestion, with time why not the suit affect Izuku physology and gave him the actual size shifting quirk, it happened to hank pym in the 80th if i remember, the pym particle mess his dna and he start shrinking and growing without the suit. so why not after a few months a accident happen and his dna get fused with the particle and he can literaly change size from small to giant at will but i don't know, use stamina or something like that
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