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for RWBY Reacts to Attack on Titan

6/6 c2 Namikaze Yuuki
Would be nice the others are here as well, and I didn't expect this to be good. It's been years since I last saw the anime(5 years to be exact), I have only been reading the manga since after season 1 or 2. I finally saw how good the anime as well. Keep up the good work!
6/1 c1 Poseidon3000
good fic
5/31 c2 dragon rose 11
Cool story bro can't wait for more. :) also can you do a tokyo ghoul crossover rwby story like this one that would be cool!
5/29 c1 wtfstarftw
rwby react to The Amazing Jaune Arc?
5/27 c2 Shadow55
Please please continue
5/28 c2 2shados960
Good first chapter, while I admit some parts felt rushed and I wish more characters from RWBY were here this is still a very promising reaction fic like always.
5/26 c2 Guest
Can you do rwby watches bleach please
5/25 c2 Guest
Dude that was awesome. I literally can’t wait for the next chapter. Hop you write it soon.
5/25 c2 Guest
Can’t wait for the next part
5/20 c2 Guest
Can you have them react to Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit, or the first 3 Wallace and Gromit Short films?
5/19 c1 Kopul
Thank you comrade))) where new chapter?)
5/17 c2 Guest
Hey can you do rwby watches bleach.
5/16 c2 Andrew
Have you ever thought of having either the RWBY or My Hero Academia cast watch/react to Invincible?
5/17 c2 Mobius001
Dude, this is great! Finally a AOT react fanfic. I know you need time to publish more, but it keep up. This is good.
5/17 c2 rayhanm53
Finally i found Attack on Titan reaction fic ! its been long overdue considering what a masterpiece this series had turn out to be. I suggest for the next chapter, you should add other characters like the staffs of beacon academy, Tai Yang, Qrow, maybe include Ironwood, Winter, and Penny
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