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for Under the Mask

4/25 c1 dhea11
Awesome novel. I love it. You can join in NovelStar writing contest with a theme "WEREWOLVES" Prices are amazing!

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3/8 c1 10Queen000
This was such a well-written story, and especially one that mirrors the events of today. The only thing you are missing are the anti-maskers, or those who think the pandemic is a hoax.

Though I suppose from a nurse's perspective they are less likely to see that and more likely to be dealing with those who are desperately sick from it. Though I do remember hearing that there were some who were dying of COVID convinced that they didn't actually have COVID.

But I digress; this was such an amazing story! I'm sort of sad that it's just a one shot, but where else could you take it?

ciao *waves*
3/7 c1 6Angel-Wings Naya
Ohhh! That's soooo good!
I was genuinely crying at some parts!
I don't know if you're a nurse or paramedic, yourself, but I believe you've captured their plight and sentiments very well!
So well-written, Thank you!

~No one can predict the future, there are no guarantess~
3/7 c1 8LaylaEvercrest
(standing ovation)

This... This is what the challenge is about. You interwove the complexities of our lives in to this story that is SCREAMING at me to feel. I'm not a healthcare professional, but I still identify with so many of these raw emotions. It starts off bleak, real, gritty. Exhaustion starts to set in which spurs coping strategizes like fantasies to meet our need for connection (Rinoa's crush). Then the vending machine... oh, I feel Rinoa here. It's like how did this become foreplay in our world? Man we took everything for granted. In a strange way, this pandemic has taught us to value small interactions that we would have over looked a year ago. Silver-lining?

More detailed thoughts:
I love Rinoa's conversation with her dad. Totally believable.
Squall is a stone cold hottie. I'm fanning myself over him drinking soda (wow, that's the world I live in.)
I love you included Rinoa's aversion to Dr. Odine. Nod to the canon. Yes!
That's what this whole thing is about. We are trying to find connections and find something that feels closer to normal.
I'm assuming that's Squall's SeeD number (I should prob know that.)
Love the extras who show up and how they are ambiguous... it's fun to dissect this and discover more layers.

Thank you for participating in this challenge. I really feel like we are all looking for a sense of connection. We might be a far away but I feel so close right now!
3/7 c1 16SilentStarlightSky
I liked the little details. The interactions between Caraway and Rinoa. Her raw, cracked hands. Wondering about what was under the mask. His nametag. The soda that tasted like citric acid and bubbles. Rinoa not understanding his name. The fear of outsiders.

And my brain also screamed, "don't touch your face!"

Good job making a FF8 mashup with this horrible pandemic. You made it work I was wondering if anybody would make something mentioning masks or anything like that.
3/7 c1 30Alessia Heartilly
As a semi-healthcare worker, thank you for writing this.
You captured very well the need for human contact and the impossibility of it during a time like this. And the hope from the vaccine, I can't even begin to describe how true it is. The relief you feel with that first shot.
Thank you, from my heart.
3/7 c1 91irishais
Holy shit yes. This is amazingly well done!

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