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for Reborn in DxD Re-uploaded

8/15/2021 c9 Chryseum
Honestly for spending many years in this new world and not realising that your mother's name, your name, your relations with the church and the red dragon, you have to be a completely useless idiot to not realise it is DxD.
4/29/2021 c23 2merendinoemiliano
Quite funny chapter
4/4/2021 c23 MollyPollyRolly
Well, at least your honest about it and actually announced it rather than disappear without a word
3/29/2021 c22 merendinoemiliano
Nice interaction
3/27/2021 c21 merendinoemiliano
Good descriptions and atmosphere
3/26/2021 c20 merendinoemiliano
Much improved job that let us better see the bond of the two girls.
3/24/2021 c19 merendinoemiliano
3/24/2021 c19 kept123
thanks for the chapter
3/23/2021 c18 merendinoemiliano
Nice job
3/22/2021 c17 merendinoemiliano
3/21/2021 c16 merendinoemiliano
Nice dialogues altrough is too brief personally
3/20/2021 c15 merendinoemiliano
3/19/2021 c13 Sherodx
why prey to dead god that doesn't exist? makes little sense imo
3/19/2021 c12 Sherodx
lmao great red acts like he didnt die to exe god like a bitch xd
3/19/2021 c9 Sherodx
kinda retarded that your oc know about dxd only after hearing gremory xd but now after hearing it he will probably realise that he isnt special and op
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