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for Beauty and the Titan

11/10 c14 Fireguy189
Love the speech you wrote it was very well done
10/28 c43 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
10/18 c34 nerdytween05
WALL-E is my favorite movie
10/14 c43 7B1ack0ut
Nice to see an update. Got a little worried I’ll admit but I knew you were busy. I had suspicions about how close Knight was to Izuku prime, and while this makes me believe that he had a life incredibly close to the standard Izuku (besides quirks being common) there’s a part of me that wonders if this ‘flashback’ could be rendered from Knight being around so many different Izukus.

I’m also curious about how the UA invasion will go, how many deaths there could be, and how much the MLA force is aware of Knight’s state. Now, this war has been going on for a while but will UA have as many defenses to utilize as they did in recent chapters of the manga? It would be interesting, but also add to the word count total and take longer to write. I hardly imagine Nezu just sitting by though, his response could even be the key to driving them out before.
10/13 c43 Harleking31
He liiives

Take your time bud, always great to see content
10/13 c43 2MrMateusz
I wonder whats the solution they found is :0
9/5 c42 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful also ooooh backstory Great stuff
9/3 c42 Ataex
I jak ja mam teraz iść spać jak mam tyle pytań!?
Melisa ostatnią trzeźwo myślącą osobą w grupie, Hatsume jak zawsze niewzruszona xD
Fabuła się rozkręca wiec czekam na kolejne rozdziały ale pracuj w swoim tempie bo na taką historię warto czekać ;)
9/3 c36 Ataex
Love your story
Started it yesterday and soon I’ll be waiting with others for updates.
I think that I’m going to play Titanfall when I finish reading and catch up on MHA manga.
Anyway, I planned to leave comment after reading last chapter but your author note at end of this chapter changed my plans.
Is your old friend from Poland? Because it sounded like something we say and if so then Greetings from Poland
8/29 c42 Shin
Unless I'm missing something here...Eri is Erica Bright and her meta ability turned her into a child when she got sent to the dimension that Izuku is in now to keep her alive, in the process she lost a lot of her memories due to something in the process. The only thing she could remember is part of her name and that she needed to find Izuku but couldn't completely remember Izuku. I rather like this little plot twist as it's a unique take on Eri and her powers. I'm eager to see where this goes and if Eri gets all of her memories back...if she does I wonder if she's gonna spaz out and rant about having to go through puberty all over again and not being able to do things she was able to before because she's a child again. Should be fun to see where that can lead, and how everyone reacts once they figure it out..I'm sure it won't take long for Nezu to realize who Eri is and why she had the cube...he's got High Spec after all, Melissa should figure it out too but right now she's just so DONE with dimensional shenanigans that I don't think she can process it right now.
8/29 c42 Harleking31
I don't mind exposition

I do mind however that our dear Knight was basically Robo-Doomguy and you held it from us until now you little shit!
8/29 c42 LaUgHiNgmaN
Origin story more or less for Knight Izuku... Love it. His world enemies are the BETA of Muv-Luv... dear lord I can't imagine how heavy the battles he gone through. I can wait for more chapters, but also out of curiosity is the MHA x Konosuba story going to eventually get a new chapter?
8/28 c42 7Popqwas
There’s so many references idk what to say except that I loved it.
7/14 c41 1EliteShadow
cool story so far hope to read more of this story soon i would love to read what happens with the cube and izuku hope to read more soon keep on writing see you soon!
6/27 c41 BoB teh Snail
Awesome story! I started this after reading Iron Giant. Very cool collaboration. I love how different your story is. I also really enjoyed your improvements throughout the story such as grammar or general storytelling. I can't wait to see more!
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