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for My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Too Honest, As I Expected

11/17 c11 ahidontlikesand
that was very sweet. now, we wait for more
11/10 c11 RedDead
I'm pretty sure the other anime that's a part of this (specifically Hachiman's history in this fic) is Your Lie in April. When Komachi insinuated the girl Hachiman liked before was dead I immediately thought of Kaori Miyazono. Also the part where Hachiman was like "I miss you Kaori". I almost missed that because I thought you were talking about Orimoto Kaori. It can be a bit confusing when both of them have the same name.
11/11 c11 ThyDevoutBeliever
Does 8man even know Ramen-chan's actual name? Does she really have the audacity to call 8man by his first name when she hasn't given her own? Tsk tsk tsk smh smh
11/10 c11 kasuhei3
Its good! Love their interactions.
11/10 c11 wildarms13
ooh! when does the school start? wait, ramen-chan to sobu?
11/10 c11 Erwing Alberto Hernandez Rodriguez
esta muy buena la historia me encanta sigue así
11/10 c11 Tenyo-dono
Wow, what an adorable scene! There's always good feels in each of your stories but this was just so sweet. I really like this slice of life!
11/10 c11 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapter.
This is the charm of the slice of life.
Little moments that bring a smile to your face.
11/10 c11 Solitary Heart
Wahhhhh it makes me blush *nosebleed*
11/10 c11 1.6180339887498948482045868
really fun chapter, loved the teasing
11/10 c11 notaflashfananymore
:) I am satisfied :)
11/1 c10 MexicanHitler19
Yeah great story but I respectfully disagree on your view of hachiman being emo he's not even close to one and believe me I know this because I used to be a loner throughout my middle school, and high school years so it takes one to know one.
11/1 c10 Erwing Alberto Hernandez Rodriguez
me encanta esta historia sigue así
10/29 c10 ahidontlikesand
Amazing. had to follow and favorite this story in order to not lose any updates. hope that you update soon!
10/26 c10 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
Slice of life? I like it.
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