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8/28 c3 Guest
Such a fucking pussy, I hate these hero fics. You had the chance to turn him into a good villain or at least grey but you just continue to make him a pussy ass hero ffs.
8/12 c90 Randomlad32
Very sugoi!
8/4 c50 Aldnd
Oof, losing the summoning perk? Thats literally the most versatile of his power to date, but I guess the tradeoff is worth it lol
6/27 c25 1Chainthatbinds
the concept that his shard just wants to better itself and therfore him over instigating conflict is really cool and reminds me a lot of celestial forge but it's an actual shard and not the wrighter. I am loving this so fare
6/26 c1 Chainthatbinds
thanks for the fic
5/30 c8 regirenka
>le party system
>gamer no longer unique because everyone whos friends with em is in party
5/21 c31 YungTurd
taking a break from reading. really wish sh9 lasted longer and oc didn't feel like he HAS to be everywhere. His clone ended in like a paragraph didn't realize it was killed I had to reread.
4/6 c89 4readwritemm
Wow, this is amazing! Normally I get tired of gamer fics, but this one stayed good all the way through the end. I’m also impressed how you handled Scion and the world building. It was neat to see more of this world. You also did a great job with the emotional aspects of the story. Thanks so much for writing! I’m excited to continue onto the next book. Hope you’re doing well :)
3/17 c3 Theif Lupin
Bro what is this dnd what do you mean by passing the perception check?
3/17 c27 arsh123abcd
I understand that making Mc too smart by increasing mental stats will makes things too easy and convenient, but he appears like a retard now. He is worrying about making bad decisions, insecure about Riley being smarter than him. He observes that his mental stats are lowest and not increasing but allocating points to them just doesn't compute. Pathetic and irritating!
3/13 c2 Theif Lupin
*Sao Music Plays Menacingly*
3/7 c1 ZhaWarudo
So the reason why he didn't use stat points for the second half of the story is because mental stats would mess him up and there is no use in being a bit stronger or having more hp, since he's not going around punching people one by one... Instead it was better to save for limit break sacrifice?
Great story, original Scion solution and now I know why readers comment to help Riley in other fics.
3/6 c58 ZhaWarudo
Finally strength training, he could've hit cape gym long ago. He regrets sacrificing points but is letting them sit forever,? Understandable due to brain changes but conflicting.
3/6 c57 ZhaWarudo
How do you explain gamer interface and shard understanding his thoughts but needing Shardcom to actually communicate?
Why not com trough gamer messages?
3/6 c57 ZhaWarudo
I love how you skip recaping events to another character with ...
it really improves the pacing, wish more authors knew this.
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