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9/17 c11 Nemisis420
the dude abides the universe provides
9/15 c23 TheForgottenKing
I fucking hate the evil clone trope so stupid
9/13 c13 Crywolfseven
I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t gotten a healer title yet. I mean the first time he stole from a victim he got mugged and thief.
9/12 c52 Waspy
Now that the Siberian is a part of Kevin’s powers, can he alter her appearance with hair die or skin bronzer? Nothing to see here folks, just a redheaded Latina walking around in her birthday suit, totally not the Siberian, no sir-ree.

Kevin: “I got some silicone to change your appearance.”

Siberian: (insulted)

Kevin: “Not like that. Riley, help me explain.”

Riley: (decides to not get between Kevin and an angry Siberian)
Riley: (throws smoke bomb) “NINJA VANISH!”
9/8 c8 Kazuto Tetsuya
This party system is alright from what I've read, not as bad as others.
9/8 c5 Kazuto Tetsuya
I'm still torn about party systems. I think that shouldnt be viable as only the gamer has the gamers body, which should be the skill or perk or whatever for fast improvements in stats and abilities. The party system essentially makes it that everyone is like a gamer and makes that null.
9/1 c12 Seraphy64
Lol dragon being able to track him via facial recognition in any town he enters. Fuck right off.
8/31 c51 vabbie
Alternative to Dragon:
Kevin knows Riley cannot resist the urge to tinker, but he has the option of giving Riley an item imbued with a non-pixelated Limit-Broken version of the Craft Perk so she isn’t restricted to biology.

For the first time in her life, Riley could choose to not be a surgeon and instead dabble in whatever she feels like: vehicles, computers, steampunk, fabrics and textiles for cutesy dressmaking, etc.

This would be useful if Riley needs a new public persona and wanted to distance herself from Bit and Bonesaw.

Cauldron might think Bonesaw had a Second Trigger Event that changed her tinker specialty from “biology” to “reverse-engineering”.

Whatever Riley ends up building, Kevin can Observe and add it to his blueprint database.

Once Riley gains enough proficiency with computers and machines, Kevin may let Riley try to reverse-engineer Clay Price’s Nervegear rather than risk having Saint and the Dragonslayers destroy the last remaining prototype.
8/30 c52 vabbie
Two questions:

Do items crafted by Kevin follow game mechanics? Do they only break when purposely targeted by attacks? Are they immune to regular wear-and-tear as long as you’re not too rough?

Tinkertech that needs little to no maintenance is a huge gamechanger, as regular tinkertech is bottlenecked by high upkeep requirements and only the original creator can repair it. If this fact becomes known to Cauldron or the Protectorate, they might be tempted to give Pixel a tour of Masamune’s factories to see if he can duplicate mass-production.

Question inspired by the “Celestial Forge” jumpchain challenge:

A. Reliable Invention (Kim Possible): Anything you construct is only broken when used improperly or purposely targeted by attacks. The items you create do not malfunction and are completely resistant to the damage caused by regular usage.

B. Built to Last (Assassin’s Creed): whatever you build is nigh-impervious to weather, rust, and time.

Can Limit Break be used to craft non-pixelated tinkertech?

If Kevin wanted Dragon to study how his powers make tinkertech so low-maintenance and durable, he could give Dragon two versions of the same device (one pixelated and one regular) to see if she can isolate the Breaker-like effect.

Start with simple tinkertech like Quarrel’s arrows and then once Dragon has a good baseline for the Breaker-like effect, gradually work your way up to more complicated devices like ablative armor.
8/29 c50 Temsen
Man, I am so glad Jack is dead.
His stupidly powerful Broadcast handing out idiotballs to everyone was getting frustrating to read. :(
8/28 c52 kirito emiya
MC appearance: sadist philza
8/28 c52 RotcehM
Good work brother
8/25 c52 Nagisa Tr
waifu =get?
8/23 c51 0vrLrd71
Wait, was part of the ending about the clone!?
8/21 c51 Guachico
Loved the last few chapters. Totally lost on this one, though.
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