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for Working for the Enemy

6/18 c13 tengland2
Interesting conversation.
6/18 c13 52shari
Another cliffhanger. What’s Della up to. If something happens to her they will be sorry they will have Tragg Paula Hamilton and Perry to deal with. Anxiously waiting for more
6/18 c13 Tamarral
Great update. I need more
6/18 c13 SereniteRose
Love this new chapter thanks ever so much
6/18 c13 55GraceBe
I love Paul when he huffs and puffs! Great chapter
6/14 c12 A Carwile
I'm nibbling my nails on this one. Della keeps headed for trouble. Thanks for the twists and turns. You write such a great story.
6/13 c12 A Carwile
Aaahhhh! Just when Della is safe, is warming up to Perry, you want her to go back to the office? Well, I know great plots do get written that way. How will Della draw them into a trap? How will the rest of the evidence rate arrest warrants and supenas? As many chapters as it takes, I'm ready to wait.
Really nice job.
6/15 c12 susiegeorge
Great chapter! Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter:) Thank you:)
6/13 c12 SereniteRose
wow! Wha a great chapter, I love it thanks ever so much..
6/13 c12 Tamarral
This was so good. I need more. I think they should elope
6/13 c12 52shari
A very needed conversation between Perry and Della. Perry should be very Leary of Dellas reaction. It’s understandable how she feels betrayed. Hopefully they along with Paul and Hamilton can bring those responsible to trial and keep Della safe
6/13 c12 tengland2
Certainly cleared a lot of air between them, Made sense. Figure they still have some work to do personnel and privately, Paul as well. Nicely done.
6/13 c12 GraceBe
This is going into the right direction. Btw: don't let other people what to write and how to write. Do your own thing and you will see that things will move just fine
6/11 c11 Guest
Intriguing story keeps us guessing. Thanks for sharing
6/13 c12 Poohbuds
Woo. Look out for Della!
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