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10/6 c2 SheNeedSomeMilk
Well there goes marichat
9/23 c5 10Hazel652
Nice story!
4/9 c1 firegurl96
What a start! I'm intrigued and I can't wait to read more!
4/8 c5 csad21
I forgot to say:

This is a lovely, adorable story, and it was such an enjoyable read!
4/8 c5 csad21
What are we gonna do about Alya...I feel like the answer is obvious, but Marichat stories where someone finds out about the Marichat never seem to want to choose this option:

Ménage à trois.

(Or polyamory, if Ladybug gets added just in case they slip and behave lovey-dovey in costume.)
4/1 c5 9fanficfreak92
Love it
3/29 c5 10black neko hime
That was sweet. Thank you.
3/29 c2 black neko hime
Definitely one way to put it... WHEW. Okay, you have my attention.
3/25 c5 Guest
Thank YOU for sharing your talent
3/26 c5 Kapel85
Sweet ending! thanks!
3/26 c5 SakuraRein
Such a beautiful ending for a beautifully written story! I really enjoyed reading every chapter of this. Thank you!
3/26 c5 21mayuralover
I really enjoyed reading this story! Loved how it ended.
3/26 c2 mayuralover
I'm just starting to read this and I can tell that I'm going to be binge reading this until I finish! Love it so far!
3/25 c5 27CharlieBoneFan
3/22 c4 Kapel85
great story
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