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for Hellfire and Ectoblasts

3/14 c1 6Gigabyte2598
Please tell me this isn't a one-shot
3/9 c1 Guest
Loved this more than I thought I would.
3/9 c1 3Asarcasticchild
i love this!
3/9 c1 7jh831
Good one shot.
Im surprised there arent more dpXlucife crossovers.
I enjoyed danny an lucifers fun at vlads expense.
I wonder hou danny would hold up against maze hitting on danny, his mixed reactions would be halarious.
I hope you come up with more dpxlucifer crossover stories.
I really enjoyed
3/8 c1 Chloe925
My friend, this is a great one shot, but you could go into another chapter or two with how you ended it. I'm curious to see what will happen next if you decide to write more.
3/8 c1 ghust95
Hahahah, please tell me you will write more of this, I like DPxDC(vértigo in this case) so please continue this fic.
P. S. Good work

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