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for Struggles of the Zepar

7/30 c2 volcasiron30
you should rewritten it to your liking
7/30 c2 Huh
You should rewrite it.
7/29 c2 3Lawrence H. Bain
Awww to bad but better now than later.
7/29 c1 Lawrence H. Bain
It doesn't matter if Rias has her reasons for what she did to Issei.

Pitty her for her situation yes but condemn her for her actions.

There is nothing she or the others should be able to say to excuse her actions.
7/29 c1 2dingo-822
Well going by the picture his queen was a female Sasuke, but going by the comment about making breakfast it could have been Hinata.
7/29 c2 Guest
I am ok with how it is right now but if you think it needs a rewrite go ahead
7/29 c1 jose.madujano
I’m good with a rewrite.
7/29 c2 suryamgangwal63
Rewrite please
7/29 c1 God of Wind 200
7/27 c1 Vercingetorix Rex
no Dxd without harems?

sorry but there is no rule that says Dxd has to be a harem.
most of the time, it's just an excuse to take Issei's harem. If you want your story to be a harem, you have to admit it, that would be more honest.

I want to make one thing clear Rias NEVER planned or expected Issei to be killed by Raynare!

it's a pure INVENTION of the anime (the team that animated Dxd for seasons 1-3 was even fired for the bad work done).
In fact, she was very hesitant to recruit him, not wanting to involve him in the supernatural.

Your characterization of Issei was forced because during his date, he behaved like a Gentleman Pervert, i.e. he didn't do anything pervert (which for him must represent an achievement! XD)

I have trouble understanding why Naruto "protects" Issei during his date if it doesn't change anything?
this could have been an opportunity to break the canon.
6/10 c1 Guest
this is good
4/13 c1 Hugo0974
Well, the idea was interesting, but I think the execution was not. First, you make Naruto too weak. Really, Rias, a weak dxd character, destroy the fallen, something Naruto didn’t do in this. Second, you utilize the concept that Rias left Issei die on purpose, that alone was not a problem, the problem was that you easily make Naruto understand Rias motivation for doing that. That’s boring and unrealistic with the essence of Naruto character.
Please, don’t think this comment as hate, I just expressed my point of view. Like I said, this fic is interesting, I just think you can do better.
3/17 c1 TheSlayinMan
good chapter. hope you decide to continue this story.
3/16 c1 1Lt Juan Rico
This is an interesting idea, and well written. I look forward to reading future updates
3/10 c1 Reader
If haven't already decided the Queen can I suggest Haku as a Yuki-onna?
Last rook can be Gaara, a tanuki yokai
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