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for Sasha (Reactions)

9/7/2022 c2 CarolDanversWhore
I have read the first story and then needed more and came here and I wasn’t updates for both. Power to strive haven’t updated as much lately and I need more audience reactions and more time traveling! I love these two stories of aot that you have. Please continue! They are amazing!
4/16/2021 c2 123ABIR123
This is really good pls update more
4/2/2021 c2 Athena D
Hi thanks for updating. I really like this story.
Question 1, I really like these kinds of stories so I really appreciate you making this
Question 2, I think you should
Question 3, I think the book is completely fine
Again thank you for updating and keep up the good work!
4/3/2021 c2 5Echo-of-Rainbows
1. it's really really good, it'd be pretty cool if more people joined
2. more detail would be good.
3. no you're fine!
4/2/2021 c2 4CU1
Add more detail reactions from other characters, and keep the book for evidence.

We need the declaration of war scene, Eren jail scene with hanji and the building train tracks scene.
4/2/2021 c2 2TheRealStarkiller
I honestly really like it! I especially love how everyone’s reacting to this including Connie and Sasha when they found out about their ‘future’. Plus hanje teasing Levi is always a great time! Honestly I’ve thought about doing this for one of my stories but never thought it’s be good enough but you definitely pull it off well, can’t wait to see the next one!
4/2/2021 c2 1ChiizuPafu
Ay, me encanta. Además de esperar la verdadera historia, esta me tiene en la orilla de la cama ¡Estoy ansiosa en tu próximo capitulo!
3/27/2021 c1 Xector
Seriusly all the writing and the ideas were really brilliant and it was entertaiment as hell, hope it contiues but it any case, thanks you for this little story its so fun
3/19/2021 c1 Diego Rafael Vela Mojalott
continua la historia :)
3/12/2021 c1 Eirilyns
Aaah! this is soo good, really interesting! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
3/9/2021 c1 ChiizuPafu
Hola de nuevo.
Oh dios mío, ¿acaso leíste mi mente? Siempre he querido leer una historia sobre este tipo de cosas ¡y me hace muy feliz saber que lo has escrito!

Espero pronto otra actualización.
3/9/2021 c1 4CU1
You have to do Eren! I love it!

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