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6/22 c3 ghostFLIN
Cuidate bro
6/1 c1 takatoshiragami
do you take request on anime crossover
5/13 c1 suckstobeacritic
The concept is alright but making it a twin fic for Rias and adding an oc peerage like that with mostly new characters was enough for me. To drop it.

Not because of the new peerage, but the fact it was too overwhelming in 1 go oc wise for a fanfic. Had the second peerage been introduced over time, it wouldn't have been an issue. But as it was. Its just too much of an info dump with regards to. That aspect.

A better alternative would have been for his sister to have already been made a devil, and the peerage she was in being introduced later much like what happened with Sona's peerage introduction in Canon.

As it was, the amount of new introductions made it too complicated for a comfortable read, making it so that I had to really concentrate to keep track of all the data and thus a chore. Reading fanfics should be relaxing instead.

As such, whilst I commend the idea, I think a smoother easing into the story would have been much more enjoyable.
5/11 c3 chisa782911
I finally wanted to see a fic with Mamako, one of the best Milfs I've seen and what to say about lemon.
Also ... I like that Shinmai characters also appear, but ... the one I liked the most is Chisato, although you gave the description wrong, that takes something away from the story unless it is another Chisato and not Chisato Hasegawa, but I will not deny that I expect a great lemon with her.
With the harem theme I totally agree, well the bad the change of gender of the characters ... some like me No, but I'm not going to stop reading it.
I will wait for the lemons of the Belserion family, the Himejima.
5/6 c3 Raijin
First of all, great work on the story. It may be a simple work, but it's fun for what it is, and hilariously you don't really see many lemon/lewd-focused stories anymore despite people claiming they're cliche, so it's fun to find another one.

Hope your health issues get resolved soon, though, don't push yourself too hard.

Also, I would recommend to not add more girls from other series from this point on and try to concentrate first on the ones from DxD, there are literally dozens from lolis to MILFs and everything in between there that you may want Naruto to get to before putting even more on his 'plate', lol. Asia, the 3 Fallen Angels from the church, the rest of Rias' canon peerage, Sona and her peerage, Riser's peerage, Rias (And I'm guessing Mio's) MILF Venelana, Grayfia, Serafall, the Kitsune Mother&Daughter duo from Kyoto...and maybe even Akeno and Kuroka&Koneko's MILFs too, if they're not dead in this universe? Who knows given that Suzaku and Lavinia are somehow here, things may have changed, so Shuri and Fujimai may not be dead.

Oh, and where is this 'Chisato' from? I couldn't find someone with that description based on the name alone, sadly.

All in all, thanks for the chapter, looking forward to more and best of luck!
5/4 c3 naruto
great chapter keep it up and i hope you get better
5/3 c3 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter and lemon man keep it up and update again soon as humanly possible thanks
5/3 c3 devonxbertrand
Hope you get better and good luck enjoying the story so far cant wait for more
5/3 c3 WhateverPlus
I like this chapter and lemon, continue please.
5/3 c3 5plums
I'm really not sure i like how you apparently amnesia'd Naruto, only to maybe/sorta/kinda hint that he'll get his memories of being a godlike being... after he gets 1-shot by some scrub bottom tier Fallen and then enslaved.
5/3 c3 StrongGuy159
Awesome 3 chapters continue please.
5/3 c3 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
5/3 c3 taiwoeretan1
Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/3 c3 Dasgun
Take care
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