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3/27 c1 Guest
What happened to Not So Powerless?
3/24 c2 Guest
Marge has every right to leave Homer. If Bart and Lisa are causing mental and emotional problems they shouldn’t be living with her. But leaving them alone with Homer is dangerous and would probably hurt them more. Bart and Lisa should either be put in a foster home or go stay with Ned.
3/23 c1 Guest
Nice chapter!

Also can you update your Yamcha story, because it’s awsome.
3/22 c2 Ch10m4
Thought provoking, What's the deal with Lisa?
Haven't watched the Simpsons in a long while
3/22 c2 Azarelrose
Very interesting love your Simpson stories. Cannot wait to read more and see more about the families reactions
3/22 c2 17Josh Spicer
No, actually, that's a good question. I get leaving behind Homer. Despite his good intentions, you've always been one to never let reality blind a plotline when it's there to use. Your other other Simpsons story where Homer gets his shit together is an example of that. So I get why Homer is being left behind. I honestly hope he DOES get his shit together even if Homer and Marge are still better of divorced.

I also get leaving Bart behind. Hopefully that same change from Homer is what Bart needs to actually grow up. Or at the very least be without his mother around all the time be enough of a wake-up call.

Lisa's the only one I feel like you're stretching the reality a bit. Calling her emotionally abusive and sticking on her playing the saxophone seems both like a stretch and a pettiness consecutively. I understand it to a point to fit the story, but Lisa still feels like the one to lose the most and suffer here. Even more than Marge or Maggie.
3/14 c1 jkwilliams5599
can you make a story where your male oc is married to one of marge simpson sisters and she is living a better life then everyone in springfield
3/9 c1 SumeragiByakuren
please please please please please update more chapters soon
3/9 c1 Ashley
I am loving your Simpsons stories
3/9 c1 3briennereneeleny
Hmmm... this is an interesting concept I wonder how this looks continue on you're quite a few ideas you can do. There's also two different routes she can actually do, one of the routes this story could go is ignoring the therapist advice and finally snapping. The other route would be taking the advise and its out come. The many ideas of the second one would be Marge going to the office place to get a divorce and only taking Maggie in her custody. Then you can have her looking for a job since she needs money to pay bills and take care of maggie and herself. Her finding a place to live and reflecting on herself on being a better parent with more backbone. How the after math of the divorce goes as well as homers reaction. The thought the went through Lisa and Bart mind from the divorce and them questioning why she only took maggie and not them as well. There are many way you can go about this it is your story after all I hope you update soon.

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