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for Together forever

9/8 c1 fewfdefwsgargf
6/22 c1 sougokun
this is so cute omggg
4/22 c1 15mihairu7
This was really good. You stuck close to the original characterisation and didn't make it feel out if place. Really, it actually felt like reading an OVA episode in manga form. Nice work. Extremely fluffy and cute. I can't believed this is you first attempt.
4/10 c1 9PinkyZiel
that was really heartwarming. good job!
3/28 c1 CharmedRavenclaw
That was really sweet. I like that nondramatic slowburn.
3/24 c1 thekataangfan
Not bad for a first attempt.
3/13 c1 PrismRootStarlight
Love it! XD
3/11 c1 Amanny
What a beautiful couple they are! I know they will always be together even after death.
3/10 c1 Wadeparker
Amazing story, very cute and it seems to fit within the realm of possibility, very well done
3/10 c1 Guest
Well done! Very cute.
3/9 c1 4bluedragneel0
SO adorable! These types of fics are my favorite, you did a great job diving into their relationship and it was very in character! I’d love to see more from you! Awesome job!
3/9 c1 Ember Reverie
Such a cute story. I think think you really captured the basic essence of them.
3/9 c1 2savwafair
that was really cute! thanks for sharing with us!

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