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for Righteous Justice

3/21 c12 6KingJGamer
I feel like if there ever is any moments between Yubel and Bastion, it would establish their relationship. Also Yubel is now considering love in either Bastion or Jaden, or both if she spends time with Alexis... don't ask my imagination is weird. Just think of how the uncarding process could turn Yubel from a person turned duel spirit back into a person... I think...
3/19 c11 KingJGamer
And this is how Jaden frees Zarc from his darkness, by beating the Dark Kaiser and telling him "if you hunt those you love and regret it, apologize and fix that mistake" also for some reason, the Numeron Code was here... to reset the worlds and dimensions?
3/19 c10 KingJGamer
So this is the Jaden that was at the end of season 3 and part of season 4, the one who has trouble dueling because all his dueling does is hurt. Everything about it is pain until his first friend came along

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