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for Bread and Circuses

8h c1 MotekElm
beautiful. angst, romance, a little open ended
5/19 c1 Serennos
This was heart-rending and wonderful. Thank you.
5/14 c1 carerra.hughes
not gonna lie, it was confusing at first, but that was before the explanation. very nicely written!
5/8 c1 SmileSimplify
I wonder what made the fairy decide to enter the room Draco was locked in?

Am glad intense hunger drove Draco to eat the fae bread as that glimpse of a possible future gave him the courage to finally, actually ask Hermione out. :)

Thank you for sharing this wonderful fic with us. :D
5/2 c1 Daniel
Thank you.
4/15 c1 KittAnn
Gosh! you're the best! you've painted Draco in a way that I just want Tom Fulton and Emma Watson to end up together. lol
4/7 c1 Puzzler54
Wow! You brought me to tears and then relief at the twists and turns! Emotive, imaginative and so creatively written that it was like I was experiencing the events myself.
3/13 c1 Astratus
The star trek episode of same name is far superior to this in every way.
3/15 c1 Grovek26
Great story
3/14 c1 AussieSweet
That was cute! I love it!
3/12 c1 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome chapter! Excited for you more.
3/12 c1 Shawnjoell
Oh. Oh. Oh. My heart. That poor fairy. But I love that he finds out what could be. I am going with a HEA!
I’m so glad I read another one of your great stories!
3/11 c1 Anon.142
I love this 3 And ngl, I love that u went with angst instead of a fluff piece. For me..this captures the essence of DHr beautifully!
3/11 c1 14Snowflake Dazzle
Poor Draco. I just wanted to hug him here. And way to be a Slytherin and get a date with someone as a way to repay a 'debt.' Although, it doesn't seem like Hermione minded. Thanks for sharing this!
3/11 c1 7TheLadyBookworm
So cute! 3
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