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6/20 c7 5Luke Dragneel
I'd take depowering and remaining on the DnD world(with whichever of my friends wants to join me). Either as hired help to the wizard or as newbie adventurers who seek wisdom on how to do so from the Master of the Castle(or even just funding from him, in all honesty). Even if the world Snek is home to is more along the lines of Goblin Slayer rather than DnD, I'd take it. Hell, I'd take Grimgar where those isekai'd into the world suffer amnesia and humanity has been pushed back to roughly two cities, cause at least then I could pay a guild to become a Wizard/Witch, Cleric/Priest, Paladin, or Hunter(Thief/Rogue isn't really my style, nor is Dark Knight, and Paladin trumps Warrior in my opinion). All of which are better than being in reach of an Entity with no power of any kind.
6/13 c7 zmanjz
Dragon Riding? Dragon Riding!

I mean, in a word: "Yes."
6/10 c7 Guest
Yen Sid
6/12 c7 haphazard1
What the heck did I just read? LOL This story is hilarious. Snek and Mouse Protector having adventures - talk about Chaos unleashed. So many possibilities for amusement with Snek and his friends. Thanks for sharing this story.
6/9 c7 Guest
so cool
6/9 c7 Guest
Sunstone Kole Fortress of Solitude
6/9 c7 EP
6/11 c7 21Duchess67
Oooooh, what will Noelle chose? *really curious*

And as usual, Snek is a VERY good boy! *giggle*
6/10 c7 6Greyff
Noelle is quite correct. Any world which has dragons you can ride on is inherently superior to a world without such.
6/10 c7 caellwin
1. dnd world where you can learn magic and ride dragons
2. earth bet with no powers
3. earth alph with no powers

you take option 1 duh
6/10 c7 Armiture
It's good to see Noelle cured, as expected. Her reactions were well-done and realistic for a die-hard RPG player. Suspect a dream and go with the flow.

The choices she's given at the end will require some heavy thinking and consultation with the others. The Master has many incentives he can offer no matter what they decide.

I haven't mentioned it before but it's nice to see a powerful magic-user that isn't evil and is free to act as he wishes. I believe that Gandalf, as a fellow maia, was as powerful as Sauron but he wasn't allowed by the Valar to use his full power in Middle-earth.

Thanks for the update, I really liked it and look forward to the next one.
6/9 c7 osterreicher97
Good question... there is also the concern about them being possible Simurgh time bombs...
6/9 c7 2Mugen-Muse
Sounds like a team decision.
6/9 c7 JanessaVR
Bring them there, remove their powers, live in this new world.
6/9 c7 Beer is food
Getting a chance to live a fantasy life (implied gaming system Anime-trope for that world as well?) Hell yes! Well... that world has toilet paper, right? :D

Snek is best Snek
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