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for Snek is a Good Boy

9/20 c19 Duchess67
Ohhhhhhhh dear!
9/20 c18 Duchess67
Oooooh, I was worried for a second, but yaaaaaayyyyy!
9/20 c22 21Duchess67
YES! Amy has a dragon friend! I love it! Carol can go jump in a cold lake and cool off. Grrrr
9/20 c21 Duchess67
I really hope Amy goes and finds something to be happy about. Carol should go and have the Master remove the stick from her butt. *rolling my eyes now*

So glad the ladies were rescued and by the Travellers, no less! :D
9/20 c20 Duchess67
Oh wow, so very glad that worked out all right. The mental image of Snek eating the "turkey bird lady" head first is gonna stick with me for a while. ROTFLMHO
9/19 c22 PyroJ
Please spin off an Amy gets a pet/bonded dragon best friend. I need this lol. This was the best!
9/16 c22 AN2469
oh damn it, I binged this entire series in one sitting and didn't realize I was on the last chapter till I saw the lack of the "next" button why does that have hurt so bad, I feel like I got punched in the gut. this was frigging amazing. I love it so much. I know you updated this 15 hours ago from the time of this review but damn I love this story and I want more.
9/16 c22 Guest
9/16 c22 EP
9/18 c22 15H Max Marius
Hmm... magic... the little twilight hearth dragon could disguise herself on Earth Bet...

Maybe as a Raven... and Amy could name her Edgar...

Oh, wait... that's an mp3.1415player story ;P
9/17 c22 haphazard1
So much cuteness with Amy and her new hearth dragon friend. Hopefully this will be the start of better things for both of them.

Snek takes Ash Beast to his Master and is a good boy once again.

Thanks for the new chapter.
9/17 c22 1GideonBlackthorn
spicy cinnamon roll meets smol dragon. this chapter has done the serotonin to my brain. thank you sir.
9/17 c22 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
9/17 c22 Maikae
Awww, that was honestly adorable! Amy with a teeny dragon! (and maybe that whole scene just tickled the bit of me that loved McCaffery's dragonsong/dragonsinger novels when I was younger)
9/17 c22 Armiture
I wonder if anyone saw Snek abscond with Ash Beast and he'll get proper credit for it. Glad that the cursed man survived the extraction.

It's a shame Amy didn't get a chance to touch one of the dragons and examine its biology, I guess she was reluctant after examining Snek's biology and getting boggled by it.

I look forward to seeing Amy stand up to Carol with her newfound spine, I mean Twilight hearth dragon.

Thanks for the update, it was quite enjoyable.
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