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for Snek is a Good Boy

6/8 c3 1Lurker-in-Light
Is it just me or is Fugly Bob's the only eatery in the entire city? And Somer's Rock the only bar?
6/3 c3 The High Avenger
I want more of this and I want it BAD! Hope that it happened sooner rather than later. Great work!
5/15 c3 12Undead Night Fury
I don't know what else to say about this other than... I love it... it is funny and made me laugh I cant wait to see what happens next!
5/14 c3 Difdi
If someone at the PRT remembers what Bonesaw's civilian identity's name is, much masonry will be excreted over the idea of her sending Snek out for take-out. I LOVE it!
5/14 c1 yeeloong.ong
Is the wizard named? Will you name him? Please dont let it be a cracked Harry Potter
5/10 c2 Guest
Seek put HatchetFace in a strugglecuddle~
5/6 c3 2casualCranium
i never knew i needed this, are you planning on continuing it? not kidding it's highly enjoyable
5/4 c3 1Oleron
Piggot: Snek no!
Snek: Ssnek yess!

Love it! Haven't had a laugh like that in a long time! Keep up the great work!
5/4 c2 5Nonyaarb
5/2 c3 Goldrune09
omg the lolz!
5/2 c3 minitune
A giant reptile solving the worst of Earth Bet's para-human problems while causing general confusion and headaches for Director Piggot... I'm getting a strong Taylor Varga vibe from Snek, except with a little more crack. Haha, I love it!
I would love to see Snek teaming up with Mouse and Riley to solve more crime in Brockton Bay and confusing the hell out of the criminals (especially Coil) and the Cauldron.
5/1 c3 5Dracula Backwards
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. In the words of Kylo Ren, More. More. MOOOORE! I demand more Snekkity snek! I unironically LOVE creature worm fics, there is no better feeling than watching the Endbringers get dumpstered by a bigger, badder monster.
4/30 c3 Sancria
I love mouse.
4/29 c3 Jordisk
I love the "Master". You can just tell he is the Lawful-leaning-true Neutral Archwizard that doesn't give two shits about what happens outside his tower. He gave his familiar some basic rules to follow and an intelligence that CAN follow them; when the Wizard doesn't need Snek's help, so long as Snek sticks to the rules, Snek can do what he likes.
4/29 c3 6Motown Scrapper
I can't wait for Clockblocker and Vista to give their report to Emily about the polite giant Snake waiting Patiently in a drive through line to purchase burgers and fries then gate out of there. Snek ia polite Snek is a good boy.
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