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for Snek is a Good Boy

3/10 c1 mdpopescu
Beautiful, and a much better solution than the usual "parahumans are so special you're not allowed to kill them in self-defense" crap.
3/10 c1 poison.symic
All the likes!

I imagine Piggot would subsequently being *freaking the fuck out* wondering where the bio-tinker who made GIANT TELEPORTING SNAKES is.
3/10 c1 Conspiracist
ack what the fuck, i like it, but what the fuck
3/10 c1 Kuroji
Snek is adorable. Snek is best snek.
3/10 c1 1imortal333
Oh come on! You can’t end this here! Not until we get the ultimate irony that is Coil getting eaten by Snek! :)

Seriously though, a bunch of short, randomish chapters like this, (maybe 5) would be really nice. There aren’t enough stories in the world where the hero is a giant snake. Lamias don’t count.
3/10 c1 Bookworm5556
Ok this is hilarious and I want more of it. especially like the contrast between Skitters and Sneks pov.
3/10 c1 zerosumgame
So ridiculous. Love it.
3/10 c1 14H Max Marius
"Snek like spicy food."

Hmmm... can we heat up Kaiser and Hookwolf?

Ooo... Bonesaw! I know, barely a mouthful, if that... but so many flavors!

Or Crawler...

OH! "Snek, meet Coil." "Snek has coils, Snek no need to meet them."
3/10 c1 TheWickedTruth89
Excellent little story
3/10 c1 2MysteryWriter175
Lung is spicy. Never thought of that.

I think it will be awesome if Snek's adventures continue. It's hilarious.

By the way, the character of Snek is well made.

RIP Lung, may you find peace inside the belly of a snake.
3/10 c1 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if anyone managed to get that on camera. For that matter, what would the rest of Brockton Bay think should the story go public? I mean Coil would definitely try to figure out what happened and Tattletale might be able to get enough info from her own side of the investigation. Would Scion raise an eyebrow?
3/10 c1 2TigerCat
*snorts* I want Snek to bring Master where Shouty Spicy Man was and meet Hookwolf. And the entire Slaughterhouse 9... Burnscar would be spicy...
Shatterbird would probably taste like sand. Mannequin would probably taste interesting. Bonesaw... might be a problem. Master would probably have to explain that some children are bad.
3/10 c1 6Motown Scrapper
I gotta love Snek...Snek is good Snek is kind Snek is hero...I would love to see a Snek vs. Leviathan Match Leviathan would make a fine feast for Snek.
3/10 c1 1Mizuno Tenshi2
Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I'm not sure it's worth extending, but that was a fun one-shot for sure. "Snek likes spicy food." Hah!
3/10 c1 Kushiban
Ok, I want more of Snek, coming at various points of Worm to "solve" things.
- Coil and Dinah
- S9
- Meeting with Mouse Protector
- Contessa maybe
- etc.
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