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for Snek is a Good Boy

3/10 c1 GermanGrandson
This was hilarious.
I was about to analyze how you could continue this story, but the man...woman...non-binary individual? who wrote "It Gets Worse" needs no help.
Stay safe, thanks for the chapter.
3/10 c1 HeyaUser
Snek is good boy. Snek is best boy. He know you dont hurt children! You hurt people who hurt children!
3/10 c1 FaeGhostReader
3/10 c1 Levonia
Fun little one-shot! I enjoyed the creativity and uniqueness of this piece, and hope you consider writing more. I almost felt sorry for Lung...not a fun way to go with regenerative capabilities.
3/10 c1 13bearblue
Sneak was very good boy and I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing this.
3/10 c1 Gabe2000
That was an absolute hilarious read.
3/10 c1 9jacee2u
Sneak is a VERY good boy.

normally, it's the dragon that eats the snake. really nice to see it reversed.
3/10 c1 21katmom
3/10 c1 rmgiroux
Snek IS a good boy!

Thanks, that was fun.

I wonder if Rachel's power could be applied to Snek, though... :)
3/10 c1 1cfp33pfc
That was great! Hope you continue it. Thanks for writing.
3/10 c1 10Wonderbee31
I know you should no step on Snek, but what if a super stepped on snek, it makes me wonder how bad it could hurt, and if Master would come to take out strips for stepping on his Snek?
3/10 c1 1ABZB13
this made me very happy
3/10 c1 duke drake
well i suppose that 60'ft Boa is nicer than 60'ft Basilisk. Snek was a good boy, and saved children, Basil was bad boy and attacked children.

Snek is best Snekboy. thanks for the laughs.
3/10 c1 28-bit thief
I don't know whether to laugh my head off or start a snake master build for D&D. That was both epic and anti-climatic. Hard to believe Lung could be beat by a snake. A giant snake buffed by the familiar bond of a wizard, but a snake all the same. I think I want to see more, despite it being a one-shot.
3/10 c1 2Seth A. Mincberg
Hmm hmm. I'd just like to say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAWWWWWWW!
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