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for Snek is a Good Boy

4/29 c3 Jordisk
I love the "Master". You can just tell he is the Lawful-leaning-true Neutral Archwizard that doesn't give two shits about what happens outside his tower. He gave his familiar some basic rules to follow and an intelligence that CAN follow them; when the Wizard doesn't need Snek's help, so long as Snek sticks to the rules, Snek can do what he likes.
4/29 c3 6Motown Scrapper
I can't wait for Clockblocker and Vista to give their report to Emily about the polite giant Snake waiting Patiently in a drive through line to purchase burgers and fries then gate out of there. Snek ia polite Snek is a good boy.
4/27 c3 Guest
4/29 c3 4Lumias
Considering Taylor's adverse reaction to Snek I have to wonder how she would react if she was in Fugly's while Snek was ordering. Assault vs Mouse vs Clock vs Regent in a troll off who would win.

I wonder if Vista would ever be comfortable enough to give Snek head pats while calling him a good boy. Seems like that would be a good way to melt PHO with horrifying adorableness.

Nice to see more of this.
4/29 c3 87Aesop
That was hilarious.
4/27 c3 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
4/27 c3 Guest
HA! Loving this
4/27 c3 Beer is food
I want my own Snek
4/27 c3 osterreicher97
Lol... Snek is definitely a good boy!
4/27 c3 2Kaiya Azure
To be fair, Snek wasn't attacking or threatening anyone. Snek was just going about his business with getting food for Riley and his master. The civilians probably sensed that and simply took issue with how much space Snek was taking up in the process.
4/27 c3 AzureLazuli
4/27 c3 3jdboss1

I prefer the more sillier stories way more

You pulled this off brilliantly
however I'm not sure how much longer you can keep the gag
4/27 c3 31Azure Lightning Emerald Cloud
i'm not sure why, but i really love this concept. everyone's reactions to snek is hilarious.
4/27 c3 2TigerCat
I knew it was Fugly's as soon as she said burger and fries. Because of course it was.

Eventually, Master is revealed as Myrrodin. He really was a wizard the whole time, but played it off as being a parahuman to blend in better and so people would underestimate him. Probably not, but Piggot would blow a gasket.
4/27 c3 1schumi23
I continue to enjoy this story and eagerly look forward to more! (Last time I reviewed a chapter appeared a day later; I can only dream this trend will continue (and dreams I do believe it will remain))
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