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for Snek is a Good Boy

4/27 c3 1ABZB13
4/27 c3 Ghest
He snEckered harder.

4/27 c3 21katmom
4/27 c3 28-bit thief
You need to change the name for this story. Snek is not a good boy. Snek is best boy.
4/27 c3 INeedYouForMyPaganRituals
The puns in this chapter made me snekker.
4/27 c3 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/27 c3 2Shran
Laughing so hard I started having an asthma attack- would totally suffocate again - as always love your work keep it going please
4/27 c3 2ranma hibiki
*laughing hard* i LOVE snake *cough* snek shenanigans! and seriously, who would expect to see a snake in a drive-through ordering food!
of course, Brockton Bay IS probably the only place that would only blink at having a giant snake ordering food from them...and where drivers wouldn't care if you were a giant snake, move your butt so I can order my food too, i'm hungry/in a rush/grumpy/have a kid in the backseat etc...

keep up the good work!
4/27 c3 14H Max Marius
So, do either of you have a picture of this Snek?

Uh, I might have a couple, might I ask why?

Well, if you can email it over to me we do have that wall over there and that's the fastest I've ever seen anyone down one of our Challenger specials.
4/27 c3 199Marcus Rowland
Aww, no Snekk / Mouse Protector reunion...

I love it that the takeaway counter people just served Snekk rather than e.g. running away screaming. Shows what living in Brockton Bay must be like if that doesn't scare them.
4/27 c3 1DuskBinder
Very happy you're continuing this; it's definitely one of my favorites.
4/27 c3 Armiture
Dayum! With my car long deceased and the local buses on Sunday schedule all week long, I wish I had a Snek of my own to get fast food orders for me.

Mouse Protector's debrief scene was pretty funny, even the puns and movie references to horrible 80's movies. I swear I only bought the soundtracks and never watched them! Honest!

It was nice to see Bonesaw get redeemed but it's probably best that she never return to Earth bet and with Snek's Delivery Service, she won't have to. That was a good scene with Vista and Clockblocker. I wonder if the scroll will give off strange radiation to tinkertech scanners?

Well, here's hoping that Mouse Protector and Snek can have a nice picnic in Brockton Bay but I'm sure one of the other gangs will interfere and get huggled to oblivion. Hmm, can Snek make a portal to a "bad place" and smack someone else through it without going through it himself?

Thanks for the laughs and I will look forward to the next irregular installment.
4/27 c2 Armiture
I somehow missed the alert for this chapter. It was quite funny and entertaining. I look forward to reading more of the irregular adventures of Snek the good boy.

I wonder how much trouble Heartbreaker would be but masters tend to be as squishy as normal humans so it would be a short scene with Snek commenting on how bland Canadians taste.

Thanks for the laughs, I'm now off to read chapter 3.
4/27 c3 Dragon Book Addict
I usually don't like leaving reviews that repeat themselves in someway on the same story, but I am incapable of saying how much of an Adorable Good Boy (TM) Snek is enough times to meet the actual data point of his Adorableness(TM)! Also, if this doesn't make sense, it is currently 4AM where I live and I haven't slept yet :P
4/27 c3 Preier
so glad to see that your muse took a fancy to this again confusion is a good look on many worm characters.
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