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6/6 c7 12excessivelyperky
Yes, Slytherins must be expelled for consensual fun and games, while the other three houses can do whatever they like? No surprise there.

What a nice way to get experimental crash test dummies-at least the Twins pay theirs.

Director Bones will be delighted, of course. After all, they're only Slytherins.

I wonder how many of her political enemies will go 'glub glub'. After all, if she doesn't like them, they must be evil!

Power like that would never be abused, no, never! /s
6/5 c6 excessivelyperky
Ah, the old 'what's flat and glowing solution'.

That kind of power is *dangerous*. But then, we all know that by now. I expect the Unspeakables have a pretty good clue what to do about this. Hope no Dark Lord/Lady gets that power, though (Putin, looking at you).

I expect Snape is packing and dancing out in the parking lot even as we speak.

Albus is distracted, after all.
5/20 c4 excessivelyperky
Oh, I really like the theory that White Bumblebee Tea created a poisonous counterpart so White Bumblebee Tea would look like the only healthy choice. This makes so much sense.
5/18 c2 excessivelyperky
I'm surprised the Slytherins were even allowed to try to learn wandless magic-isn't it Hogwarts policy to make sure they never learn enough to take back to their lord and master Voldieshorts?

And won't this miff off the Ministry because they'll lose control of students during holidays and summer without the Trace?
5/17 c1 excessivelyperky
I love this! I'm sad that Ron and Ginny didn't really work that hard at things, but it's clear that the Ministry has jobs for *everyone*.
5/16 c1 10kgfinkel
If anyone's interested, I have expanded upon this series over on my page at Ao3. Same title and screen name here.
3/15 c7 Guest
I liked these. Most were entertaining. Skipped one as I didn't like the subject matter. You can't please everyone! :D
2/19 c1 Jo Cook
1/28 c7 ZeroExia
Ah logic in magical Britain destroys the evil and stupid with such ease
12/30/2021 c4 Jo Cook
12/14/2021 c7 Tork01
Good way to store many of the troublemakers! Is there another fish with a green hat?
11/28/2021 c1 Crookshanks-corner
I hope my PM/ET came through!
8/10/2021 c7 erstwhile-S
I don’t know how you even come up with these ideas, but it’s all interesting and entertaining! Thanks for these snippets.
8/10/2021 c5 erstwhile-S
Good that a lot of this was used in ‘Rebrewed’.
8/10/2021 c4 erstwhile-S
Interesting thought. Ah, that was cruel, hurting poor Draco where it hurts the most. Entertaining.
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