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for The Secret Job

4/24 c16 7Cgarcia555
Great story. I loved it. Perfect ending too.
4/5 c16 Guest
This is one of the best fics I’ve read in a long time in this fandom, kudos and thanks for posting! :o)
3/19 c16 Wilivtul
Thank you for a very good story I was so glad you completed it.
3/18 c16 3bettamax
Glad their plan went well in the end, it was pretty tense there for a bit but they played it perfectly. Really enjoyed this story, it's definitely my new favorite! Thanks for writing it :)
3/17 c16 Guest
A good read I expected s twist as well but great as is thanks
3/17 c16 carebear818
YEA! Great ending. Noah
New twists. Of course oh he didn’t come back, where would Leverage be.
3/17 c15 carebear818
Like the wind down part but I know you have another twist coming and this is only chapter 15. HAHA
3/17 c14 carebear818
Quite the take down and ruse. Work as expected. Nate always get injured. I’m sure there is more to the story.
3/17 c13 carebear818
Keeping fingers crossed this plan works, but sure there is some twist too. This can’t be end of Leverage.
3/16 c12 carebear818
So brave of Parker. Looks like things may work out.
3/15 c11 carebear818
“Let’s go steal Our Nate back”. Hope they can. Everyone has a plan. Hope the good goys plans work.
3/15 c10 Guest
This is getting interesting good read
3/15 c10 bettamax
Hope the team is smart enough not to make an actual appearance, that would totally blow Nate's cover and this sounds like the absolute worst time for that to happen!
3/15 c10 carebear818
So Moreau doesn’t know Annie Kroy. Better not see he though. Another of your interesting twists.
3/15 c9 carebear818
“To Russia with...”. Ok so another new twist. The corkscrew keeps turning.
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