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3/15 c8 carebear818
Ok I was WRONG! Wondering what the next twist will be. You are very good about keeping everything in suspense.
3/15 c7 carebear818
I may be wrong but I bet Nate doesn’t kill Cartel. He had something else in mind.
3/15 c6 carebear818
So Sterling has been involved from the start. Just full of twists.
3/15 c5 carebear818
Oh Noah. One of your twists coming. Don’t remember this other guy. How will Nate handle this?
3/15 c4 carebear818
Really? You’ve got to be kidding!
3/14 c7 Guest
Wonder if he’ll do it, hope we find out in the next chapter
3/14 c7 3bettamax
Exciting few chapters, love the twists and turns. Can't wait to see what happens when he gets to the top floor, great cliffhanger :)
3/13 c3 Guest
Quite a twist,good chapter
3/13 c3 carebear818
Suspense, intrique, what’s happening?
3/13 c2 carebear818
Will he tell her, them what’s been going on? Is it still going on? Who is this mystery person from the past?
3/13 c1 carebear818
OMG. You always start your stories in interesting situations. Will they find Nate or not. What is going on?
3/13 c3 bettamax
I love this story SO much already, the conversations and emotions between the characters is perfect as usual and the storyline is spectacular. Can't wait for updates, you did a wonderful job with this one - thanks for writing it!
3/12 c2 Guest
Great start, can’t wait to find out who the mysterious “he” is
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