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6/3 c5 12helrio uzugaku
5 chapters as of now and I'm getting the 'light-hearted' vibe from this fic. Chapter 1 had me smiling, scene transition that good is something the author should be proud of. Quick, to the point, short, funny and informative all rolled into one.

Coming up with bullshit tech like Tony is prone to do would allow izuku to shame all known support groups. Bet even David shield, the irony in that name lol, will be gawking at what he brings to the table.

Little tip that you probably overlooked. Nanobots are kind of a big deal. For a comparison, it's to scientists what the holy is to Christians. It's the pinnacle of robotics, if izuku starts showing those off support companies the world over will be chomping at the bits to get their hands on them. He could build a whole company on those alone.

Being tony's son I look for him to be flaunting it all without shame. You don't hang out with a rich asshole like Tony without being affected by his attitude. But your already way ahead of that from what I can tell so I'm happy with it.

If you wanna get funny I'd hose bakugo down with Chem fluid and neutralize his explosions. Nitroglycerin and water don't mix very well. Funny how all you need to shut him down is a rainy day.
6/3 c3 edoabb
This is kind of forced, I mean if Izuku has to fall in love on sight, Ochako surely wouldn't be it, I mean considering his stay in Marvel with tons of extremely beautiful super heroines, him seeing a cute girl not beautiful wouldn't make him blush or fall head over heels. The Izuku in canon was more bashful due to his inexperience and lack of social interaction especially with girls, this one should be a Stark and a hero, he at least would be surrounded by people.
6/1 c5 14RedBurningDragon
Also helps that Izuku is a sponge for knowledge
6/1 c1 Drcaus
My Hero Acedemia and Fairy Tail crossover
Deku One for All
Deku harem
6/1 c3 revanvador
For the 3rd chapter the French part have an error.
"Belle déesse d'une beauté incomparable, comment pourrais-je vous servir ?"
Because je=I while now it would mean something like that "how could she help you"
5/31 c5 2ProjectIceman
Another member of the harem, GET!
5/31 c5 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter
5/18 c4 3Silvanium
It's interesting, but you seriously need to seperate the AN's at the start and end from the actual meat of the story.
5/18 c4 2ProjectIceman
5/17 c4 4Gamelover41592
0-0 yikes
5/14 c3 Guest101
Think you could put Miruko/Rumi with Izuku
5/14 c1 n1ght4ury20
put a gender bending warning
5/14 c3 3Raidentensho
not too shabby. though the fem Shoto is too much figured that it would instead be Fuyumi(Shoto's older sister), she is a cute one. plus i was expecting Rumi/Mirko if Toga didn't work out. also wonder if Robbie will get with Ryukyu. looking forward to more. until then, later!
5/14 c3 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
5/14 c3 Digitalreaper360
it's updated. and it's good. can't wait for more
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