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5/14 c3 Dylan-A-Friend
5/14 c3 2ProjectIceman
That's quite the curse you placed on him Loki LOL If it was old Izuku, that would be a death sentence XD

Based on the previews, I'm gonna love the next chapter LOL
4/18 c2 Digitalreaper360
hope you continue this. looks promising
3/26 c2 S1m0nWr1t3
Thanks for the Chapter
3/23 c2 3JacquelineWinterFrost
No! I wanna know more damnit!
3/23 c2 JacquelineWinterFrost
Well the butt can go away. I’m actually enjoying this story so far! :D
3/22 c2 2ProjectIceman
Time for the prodigal son of the Marvel Rich Genius Businessman Playboy Philanthropist to shake the MHA world XD
3/17 c2 OK KO
what comics are your biggest influences
3/17 c2 Naruto-DXD6996
Aside from this mess up in the chapter, this story sounds great wonder how it will go down when or if his marvel friends/family deal with baka-hoe/ muscular/ shiragaki/ all for one/ overshit! Can't wait for you to put baka-hoe in his place...I hate him soooooooo fucking much as much as I hate rapist cuz suicide baiting is almost as bad at least in my books, so I despise him and mineta, cuz what his point in life!
3/18 c2 4Tarl Zaralka
Enjoying the story and I hope you make many more chapters, not really a fan of the short chapters but they convey what they need too and if that's your thing then go for it.
3/17 c2 DimensionPoint
Loved the final whisper in the end. Great touch.
3/17 c1 2Triton0501
Adding on to my initial review, an example of something I noticed that might (I'm saying "might" because I may be wrong about this) be just bashing for no reason, is Katsuki being Ochako's bully. Why? Why is he her bully just because Deku is gone? He bullied Deku specifically because of stupid inferiority complex, so what did Ochako do that put him on his radar? He doesn't go around just beating the shit out of people unless they do something that he perceives as a threat to his over-inflated ego. Hell, as we saw during the tournament arc, he respected Uraraka for showing determination during their fight. So why wouldn't he do the same when Uraraka fought back against him when he tried to bully her for...whatever reason? He has no personal grudge against her to motivate him to keep pulling that shit like he did with Deku, so this just comes off as you making him a bully just to give other characters a reason to not like him when his shitty personality is already enough to cause conflict.
3/17 c2 Triton0501
There is only one thing about your summary that makes me worried, and that's the selective bashing part. If there is one thing that I will recommend (not tell. This is your story, not mine. But this is still an honest to god suggestion) is DO NOT BASH CHARACTERS! If you don't like them, that's fine. But letting your own biases influence your writing to change how characters act or what they say to either make them worse or better without any reasonable explanation besides "I don't like them," is not good writing. It's cringeworthy, extremely noticeable when everything else about your story is good in comparison, and it's just plain disrespectful to the source material. If you have an actual reason for why a character is suffering more than others that actually helps develop them in a positive way (and I don't mean just change their entire personality, otherwise they might as well be an OC at that point) then that's cool. Make them go through as much shit as you want as long as you have a plan for them. But if you're just bashing on them because you don't like them and you have NO plan for them, then just don't do it. Just put that character to the side and ignore them until you can think of a use for them.
3/17 c2 Ghostcraft9
3/17 c2 4Gamelover41592
good job on this chapter
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