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3/22 c3 Cherry Lolly
Ok, this is what I made me want to review everything, because this chapter! It's so GOOD. I never thought Swift would be sexy to me but somehow you made him hottttt! Ben is divine. I like him for Sera a lot because they just seem right for each other. I think Swift is way better for Zora than Elliot and I laughed so hard at Smelliot! Great description here, good plot, can't wait to see what happened to Logan. This is when he starts being evil iirc. I love the twins. I want to see both of them go on adventures and I can't wait to see how they deal with who gets to rule. Maybe both? I don't know, Zora doesn't seem like the type to stay at home. I guess we will see! I saved this story on my phone's browser and I will keep checking. Please do another chapter soon! I know you just did this one but I want more and you left me with a cliffhanger you
MEANIES! Jk. Love you guys. Keep going. I promise I will review!
3/22 c1 Cherry Lolly
Wow! Fanfiction by two writers doesn't usually work in my experience, but this one is great! Good job you two. I read all of the chapters already, but I felt bad about not reviewing so here I am. I'm On my phone or I'd say more about them. Anyway, this is a great beginning. I like Sera and Zora as two sides of one thing, like yin and yang. There is something to love about each one. You write the other characters really well too! Good job!
3/22 c2 Cherry Lolly
I love the throne room scene! Sera is good at being a stand in for Logan while he's gone. You guys write so well! I laughed aloud about the hedges. The part with Zora and Elliot was really sad. I like the explanation for the dog a lot. It's unique just like the rest of the story. I never hated Elliot much, but now I so do! I wish I could say more but I hate typing on the phone and I never bothered with getting an account because I don't write. Good job as always! I really want to save my thumbs for chapter 3 though.
3/15 c2 h34rt1lly
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Elliot. What a tool. I feel for Zora, because she obviously deserves better, but I suspect that scene needed to happen for obvious reasons. Also, puppy! I know Valor just appeared and all, but if anything happens to her, I'm going to lose it. I can't handle when things happen to animals in stories, I just can't. It's much worse than when humans die, in my opinion.

Anyway, I love the way you ladies write. Your style reads very much like a fantasy novel, and I think that's why I find these chapters so easy to read. You write exactly what it is I enjoy, and that's a nice change from some of the other stories on this website.

Can't wait for chapter three!
3/15 c2 shygirl
This is super freaking good. I read a lot of fanfiction and there's nothing like this out there. Can't wait for more!
3/14 c1 h34rt1lly
My goodness, what a first chapter!

Both of your writing styles compliment the other so perfectly, I feel like I'm reading a refined, published piece of work. I rarely read relationships that are familial/non-romantic, so this was a very nice change from my norm. From the get-go, I could tell how close Zora and Sera are (also, I love their names). They depend on each other like siblings often do, but it goes beyond that because of the special bond that twins share. You can also tell that they care for Logan and it's refreshing to see a healthy relationship between the three of them, versus stories that pit siblings against each other.

The descriptions in this were so beautiful. I immediately drew a picture in my mind of what their room looked like, what the temperature might be like, everything. I loved it. The valet's appearance at the end was nice too; it showed a nice environment that the two live in. I also got a bit of foreboding with this chapter's ending since, as Indiegarona's story has shown me, the happy times don't often last too long. I expect the story will pick up rather soon and send these two on their intended journeys, whether separate or together.

Can't wait for more! This was incredible as always.

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