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5/18 c9 6PD4758PW
Perry was just torturing himself with his jealous thoughts of Della and Robert. It was quite a dig to his ego when Della finally explained her involvement with Robert. As usual, Laura keeps everyone guessing - is it because she wants more attention? I'll be waiting anxiously for your next story. Thanks for writing!
5/14 c9 Guest
Great story. Really enjoy your talented writing. Thanks for sharing. The ending was so Laura!
5/14 c9 25CaptainChaos
Amazing job you've done here. Can't wait for the next story. Loved Perry being put in his place about Robert. You make Della the strong character we know she is. Thank you and I look forward to the next instalment in this series
5/14 c9 2GirlCalledIronside
OMG, what a note to end it on. Can't wait for your next story. Thank you
5/13 c9 A Carwile
Ahhhggg! That was a merry chase you led. Well, I’m hooked. I’ll wait. What else can I do?
Thanks for the story. Well done.
5/13 c9 Guest
I'm not sure my last comment was received. I think I know who Ravin's is. I remember in another story about Laura a long time ago when she first went to Denver. She played up to a man named Tom. He raped her. She got pregnant. He threatened her over something else. Am I right?
5/13 c9 Guest
I think I know who Raven's father is. Laura was raped by Tom Robinson. Let me know if I'm right
5/13 c9 tengland2
Perry finally got the information he needed to know from Della. Surprised by the invitation for dinner at Laura's, glad they went. Interesting. Thanks for sharing
5/13 c9 Tamarral
Great update
5/13 c9 52shari
I’m with Dellas thoughts let’s get this fake show
On the road. It wa just another of Laura’s grab for attention. Ellen won’t give up the truth no matter how many people are hurt or lives destroyed. I’m glad Della and Perry cleared the air about Robert and her medical mystery. Very sad that she went through that thinking Perry didn’t want her snd that other Laura made her think her daughter was Perry’s
5/9 c8 Guest
Good chapter, good story. Thanks for sharing
5/8 c3 Guest
this situation is getting complicated. why would perry want to go to denver.
5/9 c8 susiegeorge
I am really enjoying this story! Thank you:)
5/9 c8 52shari
What a great cliffhanger. The number doesn’t mean anything. I’m finding that hard to believe. But Laura still not saying who Ellen’s father is. Hopefully we find out the answers to Dellas medical mystery? Della always has the right information for Perry. Emmet Michaels dangerous and mentally unstable. Anxiously waiting for more
5/8 c8 Tamarral
Great update
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