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for RWBY: Bowser's Inside Story

6/12 c12 Guest
Out of curiosity, if you made a rwby dream team, would any members of team rwby have dreamy versions?
5/22 c1 Hypernova
To the Guest

They are shown in RWBY volume 7.
5/21 c16 Guest
Who’s Robyn and Happy Huntresses?
5/21 c19 Jyoster
Hehe, really nice to see it all come to a close, but also leave the door open for future events. I feel you tied up many ends in this chapter, some of which I legit forgot if I'm honest.

Hard to believe it all took place in a single day, but that certainly will make for a memorable day for all.

I don't have much else to say other then I'm looking forward to what comes next. See you all at "Wario Land: JINX It"!
5/21 c19 Ultimate savior infinity
This is gonna be good!
5/20 c19 Treasure Tracker
I want to see the Warioware crew get involved in Wario Land Shake It!
5/20 c19 7
5/21 c19 10LogBook
Heartwarming ending to this story, enjoyed the scenes of seeing everyone relax and unwind after everything that happened in this story. Especially nice to see some of the characters who went through a whole lot be able to relax and have a moment of calmness. Nice to see Peach's castle, the monster community and bowser's castle being rebuilt after the craziness and the battles that were fought during the story. Nice to see that Bowser actually punished the elite trio, but I do look forward to seeing how they get back into those positions rights in time for the dream team story so their boss fight can still happen. It was certainly interesting to see the reaction of Damien's boss upon hearing that his minion got beaten, and it will be fun to see more of the creature in the future. Nice to see that even more people are making their way to the mushroom kingdom, makes it feel even more lively and like a massive community. Will be interesting to see who was helping Futuba, looking forward to seeing Team JINX go after the Wario bros and the ending with Bowser and Junior going against Team RWBY, Mario, Luigi and Daisy was a fun way to end the story.

As for the story, I think that both you and Flash did a great job on writing this story managing to balance three sides in this story as well as balancing a lot of characters who made appearances throughout the story. You two did a great job incorporating the story of the original Bowser's Inside Story, into the universe of Super RWBY Sisters and keeping the readers on the edge of their seat through the entirety of the story. With all the twists and turns that got thrown at the readers throughout the story, and it certainly kept me coming back with anticipation to see what was going to happen in the next chapter. Bottomline, this is certainly one of the best stories in this series and you can certainly past yourself on the backs for managing to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next story especially seeing all the characters that are going to be helping Team JINX in going up against the Wario bros. Anyways, I look forward to reading that story when it comes out.
5/21 c19 18ds hero
Now golf has been upgraded
5/21 c19 Last Hope of Mankind
So...next story...will be about honor and fortune among thieves...pfffftttt (talking with wario voice) "NOOOOOO... I am not those weakling who cannot get the all legendaries...TREASURE! I am not like this Nathan Drake who explore ancient cities and comeback after all without anything 'except the epilogue of his Drake's End" And I may...And maybe I am not like that Thief Sly Cooper...after all...I FIND THE TREASURE...not steal it...especially...if i tried to steal something special from Master and Crazy Hand...I could be END IT!"
5/20 c19 Megan Romero
The Mushroom Kingdom is being rebuilt after the Dark Star Fiasco. Gloria, Hop, and Bede find out what happened to Marnie. Peach approves of Marnie being loyal to both kingdoms. The Monster Community is also being rebuilt along with Bowser's Castle. Looks like Goomp, Plonk, and Green Shy Guy are being punished from their treachery. That is cute both father and son bonding together with a spar. Yeah no one likes math but you have to do it Junior I'm sure Kamek or maybe Ludwig will help you. Roy finally apologizes to his Mom and wants to spend time with her. Calasmos is disappointed with Damian's failure and plans to bring chaos to our heroes. Looks like Marnie is going to have her claws upgraded. The Mushroom Kingdom is going to have new neighbors! The Future Foundation and Sora's group is moving in! I wonder who's helping Futaba? Nyx is going to have her revenge! Father and Son Vs RWBY, Mario bros, and Daisy.. FIGHT!
5/20 c19 Princess Fire
Wario Land Shake It. You think you can have the Warioware crew come and help Wario and Waluigi out.
5/20 c19 Qwark's Guest
Wow. What a story. We're one story away from Super RWBY Galaxy 2: Galatic Conquest Prime. Sorry for sounding like an impatient fanboy. We're just so close. Uh? Nan? Since Wario, Waluigi, and the cast of Red Vs. Blue will be involved. (No doubt that it's gonna be the RWBY Adaption of Wario Land: Shake it. Of course Wario and Waluigi are going to be involved.) Who's gonna be joining them and how they'll interact with each other? Returning casts or otherwise. I know you're not gonna reveal newcomers since you want to surprise everyone. (Myself included.) I'm kinda hoping Knuckles would be involve since Knuckles is also a treasure hunter. I think Wario and Knuckles would bounce off well with each other. Or against each other to be exact.
5/20 c19 6Lions'n'Tigers
Like I said, great story overall, and great ending to it! Can't wait for Wario Land: JINX It.
5/20 c19 13D.N.Works
This next story defenitly is going to be interesting, as we see just how Nyx will act as revenge either consumes her, or she let's it go. Otherwise, loved the Calasmos speech and Marine showing her true feelings and what not. Thanks for the story.
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