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for The Technomage's Revenge

5/12 c5 envirosue
Interesting story, making it a Harry/Ginny story just makes it better. Thank you.
5/11 c5 welcome007
Please add an epilogue.
5/11 c4 welcome007
Thanks ginny
5/11 c3 welcome007
So good. Hope harry is not arrested after he kills voldemort.
So glad umbridge died
5/11 c2 welcome007
Yes. Kill them all
5/11 c1 welcome007
4/27 c5 Hikanu
Haha. I couldn't help but see a bit of my OC assassins (if they could use magic) in Harry with his hood up and killing left, right, and center. It was quite amusing, though, I did have to remind myself he was still Harry. XD

Interesting story, I liked it.
4/11 c5 20CSIflea
Wow! what an ending! And a very nice way to open the door for a sequel...I cannot wait to read the next story.
4/10 c1 1AlanLoo
this doesn't make sense ><
4/10 c5 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great ending to your story. Thanks for sharing!
4/10 c5 Smokeing
This was a very good story thank you enjoyed it
4/10 c5 4starie78
Great story. I love the clinic.
4/10 c5 dolph25
Great story. Thanks!
4/10 c5 Rob1221
I enjoyedthis up until it went mugglwank in the last chapter muggles wouldn't stand a chance against wizards and people don't seem to realise that the war was already won by wizards condidering muugles have no clue they exist
4/5 c1 Inside All The People
Am I only one getting Deus Ex vibes here? Adam , it's you writing the story?) On the serious note, it's not even 2010 to yield such cyberpunk tech, but alright
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