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6/18 c1 Guest
6/16 c38 1quil.theimperial
Poseidon, the good bro. When Tourney Championship happens, I hope Audie whips out the video since that's essentially the same scene of Ben singing.
And it's OK! My insta is meant to be found, and I'll be posting there fore scenes I intend to draw. Like the photos of baby Mal on Hades chest in CH.

Also off that other review...I swear if you have a character outline...because right now I'm rereading almost every day just going through each fic on AO3 so I can speed search for certain lore or scenes haha
6/16 c38 Dance love 2007
Great story please keep updating
6/16 c38 21twilightgirl587
So who is Poseidon’s grandson and nephew? And I agree with uma. Audrey is dangerously close to being smote by Persephone. Oooo or turned into a plant for the remainder of the reading hehe.
6/16 c38 jessaminego5134
Will they know that Chad was hypnotized in the other timeline?

Yes, Mal will be the reason for the high blood pressure, that is if Ben doesn't kill himself first by over working and the lack of sleep. I mean, he probably got better than before with the help of the alarm Dean set up, but let's face jt. He's a workaholic no matter what...
6/15 c38 Monkeymama1516
Love the part where Audie covers Audrey's mouth before she starts screeching again. I cannot wait for the reactions to when Mal proves that the contract can be broken. As well as when Ben sings (without being spelled) since Audrey can't get it through her thick skull that her and Ben are no longer together.
6/15 c38 HufflepuffInDaHealingCoven
Another great chapter! Looking forward to the next one. :D
6/15 c38 1Flaresouth
I’m really curious with how you keep up with all this character information. Do your write it down or sometbing? It’s so much to take in
6/15 c38 Guest
The Charmed Ones are going to feel SO guilty when they learn why Chad acts so awful around Audrey.
6/15 c38 Anonymous Reader
No offense Ben, (actually, a little offense) but you are just a tad overprotective. I know you are scared that what happened to your sister will happen to your child, but Mal (like she said) can take care of herself and will tell you if something is wrong. Ever since Audie mentioned that Mal was raised by The Dragon in her timeline, I wonder, what would happen if the LB Core Four also came to the viewing (maybe along with their respective partners as well). I also wonder how everyone will react to Mal being raised by the Dragon? And to Mal and Evie being BFFs, and Mal and Uma becoming enemies.
6/15 c38 36AliceCullen3
6/15 c38 4danifan3000
the goodness class never seemed to be taken down the whole time the VK's were at Auradon prep. after Ben's coronation, in the books the VK's had to take other variations of that class after passing at the end of the first movie in rise of the isle of the lost, they had to take a goodness class call I thing intermediate goodness 101, and by Mal, Evie, Jay, and Freddie Facilier's final year they were taking a class called advanced goodness.

remedial goodness had a 2 hour exam on smiling, I'd hate to see what they have for advanced goodness.
6/15 c38 Descendants-fan08
Does the under 15 kids know what Ben though when Jay said that mal walked into his Ben?
6/15 c38 billyandkimfan1994
Yeah I never liked Mr. Delay in the first movie.
6/15 c38 darkpegasuzz
nice chapter, can't wait to see the reaction to the love potion
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