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for Naturesque: A Fall Of Freedom

11/6/2021 c17 4Mauricethett
You see, without context, I can't find myself attached to these characters at all.
11/6/2021 c1 Mauricethett
Fuck Scott Summers and all he stands for, Jean x Wolverine any day. piece of shit laser fucker
10/3/2021 c14 Dude
Another great chapter! Looking forward to reading more!
8/27/2021 c13 Dude
Cool Tony Stark dialogue, really caught his character well
7/27/2021 c21 2smilin steph
Awww Ashley and Steve CUTENESS
7/12/2021 c19 smilin steph
I love this soo much I need to see more
6/22/2021 c9 Le Dude
Favourite chapter so far! Could really visualise a J. Cameron take on this (like Abyss). Gr8 job!
6/22/2021 c8 Le Dude
Another great chapter!
4/20/2021 c6 Dude
Another great chapter! Take it this is before the whole Vision (Ultron) gets created bit?
4/18/2021 c5 Dude
Meeting the Avengers again makes me long for the pre-Endgame dayzzz!
4/18/2021 c4 The Dude
Christie’s a boss! Scarlet Jo would be perfect if she wasnt already Black Widow! Good chapter!
4/18/2021 c3 Tha Dude
Gr8 chapter! I feel it for Scott, always having his bike ‘stolen’.️
4/3/2021 c5 andreaazt27
I really love how the story is going to. I love X-Man and MCU so it's like i finally found THE STORY . Thank you so much for writing this story.
4/1/2021 c4 Guest
Please, continue.
3/24/2021 c2 The Dude
Great chapter! Im intrigued who her mother is and if she too has “gifts”? Love the “avoided his eye…well, visor…”
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