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4/16 c1 Guest
God this was an incredible read from start to finish, don't get many stories from mainly Ayumi's point of view let alone ones as long and good as this! Love how the confession was handled. Thanks for giving us such a good story!
3/16 c1 Somss
Oh hii! So happy to see you're back with another story, haha. It's been a while. It's been like 4 years since I first read your stories and I still like reading them from time to time.

This was such a cute story. I love ayushiki, but I also liked the fact that you acknowledged Ayumi's feelings regarding Yoshiki. Realistically, I would think she'd react the same way you described it. It felt very natural, and I particularly liked how you described that making-chocolate part, I could easily imagine it.

Also aahh, I miss Seiko, haha. She is that friend in the group that everyone needs. Even though she loves to tease everyone, she loves them, too; and it's really sweet that she in some way encouraged everyone to go for it. Mayu is really sweet, too. I liked how you portrayed hers and Ayumi's relationship. And of course, Yui sensei's still the best. I've always liked the relationship she and Ayumi have (I also love Yui Sensei and Yoshiki's relationship, I really think he appreciates the fact that she understands his situation).

Anyway, I think the charscterization was on point, specially for Yoshiki. And the ending was really sweet. Thanks for posting such a nice story, really liked your writing style!
3/14 c1 Swimming Trees
What a lovely, and believable story! I loved your earlier work and am glad to see your style of writing has only gotten better. Thanks for the treat, and keep it up!

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