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1/25 c2 AnotherAnon
This is great! Love how Judai and Asuka are characterized here. Got their personalities down better than most people do. Especially Judai’s guilt still being there from being the Supreme King and Asuka’s bottling up of feelings coming out in spurts such as when she mentions she suddenly cried once when Judai left. The little details are always nice and it feels like the logical growth of these two. Their relationship is also very nice to see blossom slowly and Emma is just great. I can feel the love Judai felt when Asuka brought those burgers home.

Though I must admit, I am very confused by the rating here. All that’s been done romantically is very light kissing on the cheeks. I mean the first chapter mentions sexual relations, but that’s just comedic in that scenario and I can’t imagine the mention of showering a kid calls for a M rating. Worst case it’s a T-rating and even then that’s a giant stretch. Unless of course there are plans to include something that would bump up the rating? I certainly would like that, it’d be the first time these two would have smut that actually got their characters right.
3/25/2022 c2 Lightning1425
I honestly thought that you would post the this chapter in a new story instead of as a new chapter. Because there was a complete icon indicating that it was completed. But who cares! You update a new chapter, and that's enough for me.

Really love this story of yours. It is one of my first fanfic that I read. I'm a recent Juasu fan, having rewatching the series lately. Despite watching it in my childhood, I'm not a fan of shipping, probably because I couldn't understand a thing. Another reason is that I don't have any interest in indulging into it.

I'm praying there won't be any smut, or even an indication of it if the couple weren't married yet. I just can't stand it.

That being said, you are the author so it's up to you how you want to write it. If it happens, then I guess I'll just have to cry in a corner of my room. Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/17/2022 c2 TheRememberedGhost
OMG THAT WAS AMAZING! So worth the wait! God I wish I saw this sooner because I’ve been waiting on the second chapter to this fic for more than a year! And it was damn well worth the wait!

Everyone is characterized so well. Emma was so sweet, but also so mischievous as well. Didn’t help that Uncle Atticus kept egging her on. He stole every scene he was in and when they chanted for Jaden and Alexis to kiss it was so cute.

Speaking of, I love how you’ve written Jaden’s and Alexis’s budding relationship. Jaden realizing he’s getting frustrated over not seeing Alexis everyday. He feels greedy for being with her so much, but he can’t help, but want more. Alexis in denial of being in love with Jaden because she thinks it’s one sided. But she still wants him and does so many nice things! God and they make each other so happy. Them laughing at the end was so sweet. That little kiss is only the beginning of good things I bet.

Not to forget Yubel calling Jaden an idiot for having the romance experience of a middle schooler. So glad to see Gramps showing up again too! The cameos of Chazz and Winged Kuriboh were also fantastic!

This was well worth the wait and I can’t wait for more! Hopefully next time I actually read it the day it’s released and not a few days after lol!
3/16/2022 c2 Flopi216
Oh my god, I can't believe you updated this fic. I was waiting for it for a year and I must say that the wait was worth it as I loved it. Seeing Judai so flustered and confused about his feelings for Asuka was so cute. At the same time it was nice to see you and so nervous about the kiss, although I would have liked them to kiss on the lips haha.
I hope you can publish the next chapter soon because I really love this story. Greetings from Uruguay.
3/13/2022 c2 18sasuukeh
as you have definitely concluded from my endless live reactions on discord midst my reading of this, I THOROUGHLY AM EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE WITH MY JUASU FEELINGS ERUPTING NO THANKS TO YOU! I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN WITH MY REVIEW LKJHGFDS I AM JUST A BIG MESS. man, you really weren't kidding when you told me there was Pain involved - i am definitely feeling Pained as it is, ohana.

i absolutely enjoyed that this chapter is of both asuka and judai's pov, and i like that you include both their thoughts about their circumstances, their stances on each other, what their relationship is like, that things are changing, not knowing how to proceed with these feelings - it's beautifully put together! i mentioned to you this chapter gives me war flashbacks to THTWC lol, which is true, but i think you do better writing about asuka's crush more than me since i just Cannot seem to channel it through my fics (the fact that judai blushed multiple times in this chapter gave me some serotonin lol, he's so wholesome and lovable and stupid I LOVE IT) ;; coincidentally (or not...), all my favorite parts are literally just yubel roasting judai's brain cells 100000/10 ; and ofc, the littler things had me happy too! like yubel's softness for emma (which is something i really didn't expect, but i love so much ), the fact asuka remembers judai's odd fascination with jack's burgers lmao, judai wondering if carrots are cursed, JUDAI BITTERLY WONDERING HOW IT MUST BE NICE TO SEE ASUKA EVERDAY, fubuki... all of this chapter was worth reading! (and i'll admittedly say that i was super happy to see manjoume's tiny cameo on tv... ) ; EMMA IS JUST SO LOVABLE... juasu is so lucky to have a daughter like her, man.

AND THE BEST PART, JUDAI IS FINALLY GROWING UP... HIS SIMP POWERS WERE TOO STRONG IN THIS CHAPTER. i wonder if his simp powers will be more powerful in ch3, hm...

11/19/2021 c1 2Xerzo LotCN
This was both adorable and incredibly sad and also happy

Oh god what is gonna happen if they dont wake up poor emma sure she have them but she wants her mom and dad too not just her mommy and daddy

Why it go from well to so angst from they for sure going to be back in a few days to they might not what happened what changed he said he has done it before so he knows

If all else fails maybe she can help bring her parents back by calling them back with judai using his and yubels powers?

How do you explain to 7 year old the bad guy he saved her from took the souls and when he put them back it gonna take awhile for them to wake up
But her being a kid she accept it better then a random adult
God if only the millennium items still works and the old cast still had powers
Maybe he can get another duel spirits help?

I know the lil girl is just a vehicle for the relationship to actually happen but it is still sad for the lil girl cause you suddenly made it so so why pepehands
8/6/2021 c1 11Astlexis
To that Anonymousrelativity: Fuck off already, you little troll horndog. Since you obviously have close to zero understanding of writing and comprehension skills, I will spell it out for you. A story can be rated M for a variety of different reasons, like language, graphic violence, or mature themes. So, stfu with your immature little, "Oh, there's no lemons! It's boring! Why is this rated M!?" crap reviews in the M section. This author has created an entertaining and cute plot along with good characterization and some actual relationship development, which is more than I can usually say for a lot of things I find here.
8/6/2021 c1 anonymousrelativity
so stupid! no lemon here at all!
6/22/2021 c1 6MercedesLP
This is so good~
Having them act like parents is the best and I'm all here for that XD
I'm already so excited for the second part~
5/14/2021 c1 TheRememberedGhost
Now that was just great! I love the way you write all the characters here. Feels like it’s coming from the show. Everyone here was just great. Judai’s loneliness being connected to his motivations with Emma throughout the fic was great. Asuka is amazing as always. Poor gal is the only normal person in this chaotic world. Always takes in stride tho. Except when she and Judai have a moment, hopefully something may happen?

Emma was cute and Yubel’s characterization was fantastic. Her banter with her soulmate is great. Fubuki stole the show towards the end. That entire scenario was hilarious and seeing a protective Fubuki was entertaining as hell. Poor Judai, not understanding how to articulate himself at all. Fortunately/Unfortunately he doesn’t have to worry about Judai or Asuka doing anything. I think... I mean this fic is rated M, so I wouldn’t mind wherever that leads.

Can’t wait to see more because this was a fantastic read. Love finding Juasu fics that are written at this quality. Also Judai straight up was an Adelie penguin towards the end. Give pretty rock to impress woman.
5/8/2021 c1 2MirrorRock
This is gold! I love all of it. I like that this is an original story( at least to my knowledge), the characters are accurately portrayed, it has a good amount of fluff in it that made my heart melt. Also got me to laugh a few times so bonus points for that.

All in all very good, please continue this, but take your time! Amazing things like this shouldn’t be rushed.
3/18/2021 c1 Flopi216
OMG, I love this chapter. I can't wait for the next. Please, update soon. Bye
3/14/2021 c1 4Zankuho
My heart is melting. For real.
Now every time I play Duel Links and see Emma I’m just going to think about this fic, damn it.
3/14/2021 c1 18sasuukeh
i didn't know my offhanded comment on discord about how emma being juasu's lovechild would give birth to the creation of this beautiful masterpiece... JUST WHAT I NEEDED FOR SEROTONIN!

i love itttttt;; judai and asuka being so uncertain about being parents for little emma, but they're both trying their best (even though judai is pretty much "kidnapping" her, according to asuka). i love your take with asuka since i feel like i can't really write her expressing her crush properly and my brain is just a pile of mush, but you managed to express it so nicely here! (that sexual tension... Nice) i don't think i need to reiterate how hard i wheezed at the comedy here, especially judai and his (stupid) audacity to play with my emotions, since i did that already, BUT DEAR GOD, I WHEEZED A LOT WHILE I READ THIS.

loved that you referenced a bit of judai's loneliness; that's something i feel is very crucial to his character and you don't fail me, pal! another thing i loved is your take on yubel! you already know i struggle a lot with them, so i admire others who can write them! i really like that your yubel warmed up to the idea of judai's friends/life like calling asuka a certain title that's better than "whatever-her-name-is" (lol). it helps show that yubel is alright with them, sort of like accepting them (?) and i like that! yubel is always a part of our ohana! emma is such a precious little angel here, and i will fondly remember your emma from this story whenever i see her in duel links from now on. she is Canon to me!

and ofc, since this is a juasu fic, you obviously PLAYED with my poor heart in this! i've been hyped up to read this ever since you told me you started the document for it a while back, and boy, you did NOT disappoint me at all, ohana... I LOVED IT! the portrayal of judai and asuka's trust in each other, them having each other's backs, and just being supportive of each other... i am Weak. you played with my heart too much T_T

i'm really glad you decided to separate the fic with this touching scene to serve as the ending of part 1. it really leaves a satisfying, warm, and reassuring feel for it that makes me anticipate part 2! pls take your time writing part 2! i will look forward to it regardless! awaiting for the promised fluff to heal me ;_;

(i stan judai's stupidity so much here lkkjsdkjd)

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