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for Ain't No Place For Children

4/25 c5 blueassassin996
man that was nasty, what Fenir did.
4/25 c5 Guest
If you my advise I say label the fic finished and start up a sequel fic about the adventures of Robin and her journey to become a hero and defeat her father, Overboss was about Cainen and his story and seeing how he is just running around killing people and not much else nowadays I say the ability to follow his story with any interest is done and he now serves as a main antagonist to our new protagonist Robin. Would be a good way to start with some sort of fresh air maybe even delate the last chapter and make it the first chapter in the sequel. What do you think?
4/25 c5 Nantono
Nice chapter
4/25 c5 4djpj7652
Hmmmmm. Now that I think about it... Would Energy Weapons be able to bypass aura? I mean, energy projectiles don't have any weight to them so I don't think Aura would be able to stop it. But that's up to you.
4/25 c5 4Monster King
Awesome job
4/25 c5 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Fenrir flying? That's banned by the Geneva convention
4/24 c5 2VGBlackwing
So...sole survivor huh...not judging but it better then having some bullshit karma system (which I hated in fallout 3) so sole survivor had another family happy go lucky and then white Fuckers killed them man I don't blame him wanting revenge so one thing that remains...how the fuck do six convinced a pissed off war veteran to join his crusade of Justice like what doctor fate said "Justice is blind, not heartless"
4/20 c4 Nantono
Nice chapter!
4/20 c4 Guest
Will you ever go back to Overboss one day or is it completely dead? Because im curious of what adventures Robin Branwen will get up into with the viking stuff but if it's dead then atleast label it accordantly so people won't hold there breaths for something not coming.
4/19 c4 blueassassin996
well that got curious, the thief is a wastlander, but who is he?
4/17 c4 VGBlackwing
Will six be able to craft his ammo? I think energy and plasma weapons can be tweaked little to the dust rounds if he experiment it
4/15 c4 Guest
Oh Yang you dodged a bullet there, but at least I know where in the timeline we are at. I have to ask and this may be a dumb question but does the mod New California have any influence in this Courier as the mod is essentially the origin story of the Courier with many outcomes and stories, it even has it's own Wikipedia page.
4/15 c4 4Monster King
4/15 c4 2selfishgecko
To kind of be honest I would think the people of fallout would find it a little bad to have young people fighting not necessarily as much as apparently six and Boone though I feel like they would be understanding of remnants situation.
4/14 c4 MemeMasterAssBlaster
I'm calling it right now the thief will turn out to be The Lone Wanderer. And if I'm wrong I'll always be right in my heart
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