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6/15 c10 andrew1011
Keep up the great story
5/22 c10 TheSummerSet
Sick chapter dude! I binge read your whole story and I'm excited for what's next. Maybe this will teach Aster the importance of an extra pokemon on his team. Like maybe an electric type will come bursting from the storm to break up the fight and befriends him/Jenna so she'd have an aggressive 'mon to defend her. Solid set up for the ending. Little predictable but fun.
5/21 c10 Guest
I really like this story.
5/17 c10 2The Female Jiraiya
Well, this is a little different, and Im enjoying the read so far, nicely done, I look forward to see what happens next, good job!
5/16 c9 NobodyOwens5
that's an aweful lot of trust he's putting into someone he just met.
5/16 c10 2JoeMcLuvin
Getting kinda tired of the Delphox warning coming out of nowhere, causing him pain and him not finding it suspicious, he was always so cautious, but then goes to a town where people went missing, and came back in pain and not worried or thinking its a problem..
5/15 c5 JoeMcLuvin
Was this chapter supposed to angsty? in this chapter alone he mentioned being rotten about 6 times, and 3 times in the previous chapter, seems kinda long winded tbh.
5/15 c10 Agoodnameguy
Not quite sure what happened there. But I'm very interested to find out. See ya next time.
5/14 c3 Gentlemen Rance-T.M
dark specialist Smells stuff normal humans can't
Owns a Zorua hmm that's not sus at all...kyu would be happy I guess to know he inspired someone.
5/14 c1 Agoodnameguy
A nice strong start if a little unorthodox and self aware. Still funny and good.
5/14 c6 BobTheBuilderYes
Great plot and writing development. I really enjoy how the conversations between the characters seem to flow and isn’t like other fanfics where the conversations aren’t normal. I also like the fact that you didn’t make this character a Mary Sue, which is an easy trap to fall into when it comes to self-insert stories. Now about Aster’s dilemma about whether or not he wants to hit the gym circuit, I have a compromise solution. His main problem with it was the responsibility that comes with being champion. But he doesn’t have to be champion at all, he could just be a professional/ace trainer that sometimes does things for the league/Interpol. That way he doesn’t have the burden of being the champion of a region, whilst also being able to battle. In my head canon the champion isn’t necessarily the strongest trainer, just the strongest willing to have such large responsibilities.
5/14 c10 12Victori
Oooh, what horrid timing for a mental collapse. Can't wait to see how this situation is resolved. And I'm happy we got to see more of Whisper. Amber too but I think the scenes feel more interesting with Whisper around.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/14 c10 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
outch with the cliff hanger
5/14 c10 Guest
The heck of a cliffhanger
5/14 c10 andrew1011
Keep it up
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