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5/14 c10 Guest
The heck of a cliffhanger
5/14 c10 andrew1011
Keep it up
5/12 c9 Danimals
Your fan fiction is one of the most interesting I have ever read keep it up!
5/7 c1 Dragovos
5/3 c2 Guest
This is meandering...make the plot tighter. Whisper is a caricature...you can't write a cartoon-ish character in a realistic SI if you don't want your story to be treated as crack
5/2 c9 Cosray8d
Great story, great writing and captivating battles...
Only one problem... inconsistency: If youre trying to characterize your OC/SI as antisocial with dead eyes why does he always become flustered and stutters so much?
And why does he always berate himself without doing anything actual bad at all.
Youre portraying him as insecure and shy while also beeing confident and intimidating.
It just seems inconsistent.
And he trusts a complete stranger with a all inclusive hotel card?
Because shes a girl? an airhead? or has a Lopunny?
...and on the other hand hes paranoid with all the things that could happen from the games or from the anime...

Well Im at least looking forward to the day Amber (hopefully) meets Dawn (the girl) - that will be hillarious!
5/2 c9 1DemonWolf25
cant wait for more :)
5/2 c9 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
will be interesting to see what the oc history is
5/2 c9 Guest
What just happened?
4/30 c8 1dragonfighter11
You should give him a team of dogs. Mighteyana, Evee, Shinx, Arcanine, uh riolu is a dog as well I think~
4/27 c8 1LordZarcon
And now I'm all caught up! I sense a theme of psychic pokemon fucking with him xD i wonder what his second pokemon will be.
4/26 c5 LordZarcon
I don't really understand this 'rotten' stuff.
4/24 c8 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
nice going with the first gym match
4/24 c8 phil12k
That was a lovely update. Enjoyed Dusk interaction with Amber and the banter he goes. Thanks for the update mate. I hope Dusk would be able to find a second pokemon and get to know jenna.

Love the clear cut picture you have given about his social dynamics XD
4/24 c8 kept123
thanks for the chapter
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