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4/21 c2 1HamClad
Yep, cuteness is justice after all.
4/21 c2 HamClad
Okay, I can maybe see some Oregairu influence here? Especially with the fake confession and all. Also, the MC’s desire to see the true face of someone, along with the way he describes himself as rotten reminds me of Hachiman.
4/21 c1 HamClad
Oh man, first chapter in and I already love this. Not only does this fic contain Poochyena, one of my favorite pokemon, but the MC seems to have a decent head on his shoulders too.
4/19 c7 3Axel Magnus
Cyrus is one of the most interesting villains in the Pokemon Series. Looking forward to how u portray him. Looking forward to MC's Roster increasing.

Also, hoping for some romance. I've always like SIs with Romance.
4/19 c7 Napoleon the wor
Lool, why does everyone gates amber including that female Ranger
4/18 c7 1kyuubi7
I hope he catches a Shinx at some point. Another fantastic chapter!
4/18 c7 Yria the seducer
Woah! An update and so soon!

Dam man, you made my day, really curious abt the delphox. Loved the interesting bit of lore you keep sending out about the Pokemon world. Keeps things interesting and goes with the flow.

This gotta be interesting, our protogonist got a knack of defusing things like the teleport mistake deposing at delephox.

Hoping for more! And please don't stop! Love your story
4/16 c1 Guest
Great intro. Loved it
4/11 c6 Guest
Its not gonna work and he is gonna have to get there on foot.
4/11 c6 1manhunter97
The intro and the first act are really good, the way the character is just dropped into the world, the silly references, the first capture and the introduction and relationship with the other characters are all really good and more creative than most other SI.

I am a bit conflicted with the MC, one one hand I find his internal monologue about how roten everything and everyone is or how dumb are the people that live and know the world better than him for having some stigma with dark types a bit anoying, but in the other I find it super funny, there he is in a world where the criminal pay and the people that are good with their pokemon and other humans generaly get rewarded for doing so and he is having all those negative thoughts and being a bit of an asshole. Right now he is the dark and brooding character in a noblebright setting (unless this is a more dark AU, but still a bit funny).

If there is one thing I wish for this story is that you remember all pokemons, a lot of pokemon are forgotten because we see them as weak or ugly but the people of the pokemon world probably won't have the same view, somewhere out there there is a dude that thinks that Swalot is the coolest thing ever and another that trained his Raticate so well that it can face down dragons. And please make it so his actions have consequences both good and bad.

So in all this is a good story with a MC that needs to sit down and try to see if this word and its people have a bright side, or a therapist whatever comes first.
Hope to see more of this story soon.
4/11 c6 1kyuubi7
I honestly am loving this quite a lot, the relationship between Aster and Dusk is really adorable and I enjoy reading it. I do hope that he catches a Shinx while he's in Twinleaf, electriclynx's are really cute. Thanks for writing this story, I hope there's more to come and keep up the great work!
4/11 c5 Yria the s3ducer
The battle was amazing. Preops to you for setting up an awsome battle!
4/11 c6 Guest
Looll, love this foc
4/11 c6 3Axel Magnus
Very good. Now give me more.
4/9 c5 12Victori
Exposition: I love it. Introduction: Perfect. Conclusion: Honestly probably the only conclusion that would have felt right considering all the build up until this point.

I think you made fantastic decisions in this arc. From explaining the world to exploring the characters enough was explained without it feeling rushed. Us readers obviously don't know everything about either yet but we knew enough for this arc which I appreciate.

And the characters, I like how they were introduced and how they were showcased. Though I did pick up on the references. Didn't expect to see Oregairu here but I like them nonetheless. Good work!
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