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4/11 c6 1kyuubi7
I honestly am loving this quite a lot, the relationship between Aster and Dusk is really adorable and I enjoy reading it. I do hope that he catches a Shinx while he's in Twinleaf, electriclynx's are really cute. Thanks for writing this story, I hope there's more to come and keep up the great work!
4/11 c5 Yria the s3ducer
The battle was amazing. Preops to you for setting up an awsome battle!
4/11 c6 Guest
Looll, love this foc
4/11 c6 3Axel Magnus
Very good. Now give me more.
4/9 c5 12Victori
Exposition: I love it. Introduction: Perfect. Conclusion: Honestly probably the only conclusion that would have felt right considering all the build up until this point.

I think you made fantastic decisions in this arc. From explaining the world to exploring the characters enough was explained without it feeling rushed. Us readers obviously don't know everything about either yet but we knew enough for this arc which I appreciate.

And the characters, I like how they were introduced and how they were showcased. Though I did pick up on the references. Didn't expect to see Oregairu here but I like them nonetheless. Good work!
4/5 c5 GGPD
is this not snafu crossover
4/5 c5 1Crystal Void Wolf
I love the main character.
4/4 c5 Rain
I’m liking the story so far. Keep up the good work.
4/4 c5 1kyuubi7
Loved it!
4/1 c1 2Orcinus21
I had a laugh when I saw that Korone reference. Forever our cute doggo
3/29 c4 1kyuubi7
I am interested.
3/28 c4 1RougeKing
I like to think that this was all the whooper's idea and dusk was all sounds good fam, also the sister cussing like a sailor is pretty hilarious, now here's the obligatory nice chapter part and till next time!
3/25 c3 Danimals
Liking the fanfic so far super good
3/22 c3 kakaroto10000
3/22 c3 3Axel Magnus
Not bad. I'm looking forward for more.
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