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for Lotuses and Cornflowers

6/30 c2 H-Nala
Interesting perspectives
6/6 c2 5nnjvz
I wonder what kind of flowers Kyoko would make Ren cough up?
6/6 c2 Guest
Why did you have to make me cry AGAIN !
God it's so beautifully agonizing :')
5/7 c1 miss mikayams
Yo hey hi it's me again because fanfic won't let me leave more than 1 review per chapter which is BOGUS.

I think, maybe, just maybe, after who knows how many re-reads, I've figured out why I like this so much.

Caveat: I am a huge sucker for this type of greek tragedy/dramatic irony/car-crash but you can't look away type of thing. Normally I don't love spoilers, but I think that knowing from the summary that it's going to be okay honestly makes it better. I spend the whole story wondering "how bad is it going to get, before they figure it out" instead of "will they figure it out" which somehow has so much more tension, at least for me. Knowing the overall direction, but always getting faked out and led astray by the path the story takes while I'm wondering when and how the course-correct will come so we arrive at the ending I know is going to happen.

But besides the fact that this is totally my jam, the way you have written this makes me really appreciate how much craft goes into one-shots/short stories. This is not long by any stretch, and I'm not a fast reader, but reading this is such a time warp because the plot is so urgent that I need to read faster and find out what happens next, and yet there are so many wonderful sentences that contain way more than just their words and I need to sit and digest and feel them before I can move on. And so reading it is this lovely push and pull of 'i need more, but it's going too fast!', the kind of feeling you get in a long book and you realize the climax is coming and you're so excited but not ready because it will then be over. I can get this whole sensation that makes me really love reading, plus a hit in the feels, PLUS a happy ending, in less than 3100 words. There's nothing extra, this story is so lean, every moment you've included feels like it needs to be there, like it could have been expanded - but I really like the restraint here in your writing style and tone. Simply put, I love this so, so, so much. More than I can convey. I read this over and over, it has joined my mental shelf of comfort fics and it is my shiny new favorite thing, my precious (to get really gollum about it). It is the new standard by which I measure all things I'm reading and what I would like my writing to be. Thank you so much for writing and sharing with all of us!
3/30 c1 sorryitsmeagain
I cannot stop myself, this is just so perfect. The pacing is fantastic, the rhythm you create with all the little beats and the time jumps between gives this kind of inevitable, slipping-through-my-fingers kind of effect. Every little moment is so perfect that I reread them over and over, because there's so much left unsaid that I need the extra time to process, and also because the story keeps progressing and I want to dig my heels in and hold out as much as possible (even though I know the ending). This is such a beautiful illustration of her growth as a character, her recognizing and valuing the love of Kanae and Maria, maybe above her own life, but also that she now values herself and her acting and everything that she has. It is so, so beautiful, I cannot describe how much I love this!
3/29 c1 surprisepotato
don't mind me just hear again guess who surprise surprise I still cannot get enough of how perfect this fanfic is. Literally I am so mad that I do not have any skip beat friends IRL so I can discuss this with them, all I want is someone to obsess with about how good it is and how much I just absolutely adore this story. thank you thank you thank you for writing!
3/29 c1 3Kaname671
Ahhh, I loved this. So angsty yet so sweet. I love how the flowers changed from lotus blossoms to cornflowers. Her heart knew before her brain did. So adorable!
3/24 c1 RukiYuki
Oh god I swear it I am not crying okay ... You're crying there ... Ooh my poor kyoko chan
3/20 c1 Goodtome
Loved it
3/18 c1 dreamerkins
nice take on hanahaki! especially having it be lotus's for Ren, and cornflowers for Corn! Also, I love the tie in for her mother. Honestly, if this was the case, it would explain the lack of love from her, so much better!
3/16 c1 H-Nala
Love the fantasy take on their conversation!
3/16 c1 Guest
Thoroughly relished this little piece!
3/16 c1 Guest
this is like the 4th time I have read this today! I cannot get it out of my head thank you so much for writing! love your stuff
3/16 c1 Flower Eating Faerie
A good story;
3/16 c1 Guest
I loved it! The idea of Hanahaki was so wonderful and you did it really well. You are one of my favourite writers and I'd like to thank you a lot for sharing your amazing stories with us!
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